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Help.. my Missy has diarrhea

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She seems alright.. she is playing and eating okey,, but when i got up this morning, she had had diarrhea on the living room rug, I checked her litter box, and she had used her litter box during the night for urine, then this evening she was walking acorss the rug and hd another bout of diarrhea,
What should i do? SHe hasnt had any thing different to eat. or drink.. she hasnt gotten into any plants, she is an inside baby. never goes outside,, so i cant figure wout what is causing it,, we are in the process of moving,, in a few weeks so i do have boxes around and have been packing some things, but i wouldnt think that would bother her,, is there any thing i can feed her to stop the diarrhea? I need somthing , so I am comming to the best help, you guys.. I hope someone answers this before bedtime tonight so i dont get up to another accident. thanks for all the help i will be getting,, linda/hallycat
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If you have an er or after hours vet clinic I would either call or take her in
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oh my gosh do you think it is that serious? What do you think it might be? Now i am scared , I dont have the kind of money to take her to an ER. i could take her to her vet monday, I am really concerned ,
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I kept looking around this forum and found a pet help , I copied the following and will for sure call her vet monday morning early.. Her stool is not bloody, or foul smelling or black. here is what i copied from the page,
Call your veterinarian in 24 hours if your cat has signs including:

Has signs related to digestion or food and water consumption including:

Not eating, but no other signs of illness
A soft stool, but there is no pain, blood, fetid odor, green or black color, mucous, or straining
Occasional vomiting (2 or 3 times), but no abdominal pain or blood
Foul breath
Sudden weight gain or loss
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Yeah, I would call monday if it persists. But, from what I have read, only a few episodes of diarrhea, and normal appetite, drinking water normally and normal activity level...I would not panic.
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I wouldnt panic but cats can take a turn for the worse quick with direa
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I will for sure be calling the vet on Monday morning,, I am hoping it is not anything serious. And i do thank you both for your answers to my post.. Thank you ,
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