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Inspiration-need opinions

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I was having a problem coming up with a good design for my one landscape project. However this morning while paging through a older gardening magazine there are a perennial plant description which gave me an idea.
This is the idea. The space is 8 ft wide by 32 feet long. It has a 9 foot sign and lights towards one end and a flagpole in the middle. What I was thinking of is using this lower growing blue flowering perennial designing it like a river. Maybe a smaller mound by the flagpole to have the "water climb" I would start near one corner and while I cant weave to other corner I can come close. Just a gentle "S" curve. Then using this planting as a "river" plant some lower growing shrubs near the flagpole and use other perennials along the "rivers edge"!!!! Does this make sense???

Also for another client who has this very tall metal windmill in her yard-well a 6 ft plantings looks way too small so 12 ft is better and I was going to plant "crops" in rows around the three sides. Like broom corn, sunflowers, ornamental corn, cosmos and zinnas. As this is a retired dairy farmer I thought the crop theme was good-plus she likes it!!

Any thoughts would be appreciated. I don't have a problem picking out the plants just if the design sounds good or not!!
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Oh my gosh, these ideas sound so beautiful. If I had my own yard *sigh*
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Aww Gail, I don't know half of what you said in all that high-falutin' garden talk, lol, but it sounds so gorgeous! How very creative you are!
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It sounds really good, the church at the top of our road has a dry riverbed theme in their gaden. they did it with stones and plants like pampas grass. it looks good.
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Originally Posted by IloveSiamese
Oh my gosh, these ideas sound so beautiful. If I had my own yard *sigh*

I dream about gardens that I will have one day.

That sounds beautiful Gail. It really does. You have GOT to show pics when it's all said and done.
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I really don't know too much about plants...but what you described sounds beautiful
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Wow. Both those ideas sound great! I've never seen anything like the "river" design you plan; I think it's awesome!

I hope as you do these projects and they fill in that you are going back and taking pictures as "floral references."
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The river idea sounds great. I am having a hard time picturing how the crops would look though. I would love to see a picture when it was complete.
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Sounds like a good idea though I would just ask one thing - which blue perennial are you going to use - blue vinca major is good because it is evergreen. But you have to think about what it will look like when it is not in flower and in winter too. (Vinca flowers of course in June). Or you could mix the perennials so you get a longer flowering period - from blue giant crocus for early spring through to deep blue plumbago for late summer?
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I going to use a perennial geranium cultivar called "Rozanne". As this commercial site doesn't have a budget set or determined who will do the maintenance yet I can't get too carried away!!. Plumbago is very pretty but not hardy here-I have made selections on the basis of sun,wind and winter hardiness!!
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Geranium is a great idea as its flowering period is so long! I don't know 'Rozanne' but I love 'Johnson's Blue' and had it in my garden in London.
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