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Jewelry question...

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I have this emerald and diamond ring I got from my mom a few years ago. It's set in a gold band, but I no longer like gold! I like silver now. Could I get the stones removed and set in a new silver band, and how costly or hard would this be? Ps. Is it morally wrong of me to ruin something my mom gave me like that? It wasn't an heirloom or anything, or I wouldn't even consider it.
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Lots of people have stones reset. Go to a jewelry store or designer, who you can trust and find something you like. If you opt for white gold, as opposed to silver, the current setting can be melted down, refined and incorpaorated into the new setting.
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You sure can. Take it to a reputable jeweler and tell them what you want to do. If you decide to have it done, make sure to have all the diamonds tested in your presence both before and after having it done. Different jewelers will charge you different amounts based on the setting you choose and the labor needed to set the stones. I would also suggest white gold instead of silver. It is a harder metal that will hold up better to wear and tear. Emerald is a stone that cracks easily, so they will have to take extra care when taking out out of the old setting and placing it into the new one. Again, make sure it is a reputable jeweler.

Can you tell I used to work for a jewelry manufacturer and part of my job was ordering stones and settings?

PM me if you have more questions.
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I believe this would be an excellent idea. Your Mom would want you to have the ring in the manner you most enjoy, wouldn't she? Perhaps you could then do something different with the gold band from the original ring.
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What she said...
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Thanks guys! I almost wrote "silver or white gold" so I am open to white gold if it's better. Do you think the original jeweler that she bought it at would do it cheaper since the ring came from there?
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Good luck getting your stones reset!
A word of caution... Take your ring to an appraiser before and after you have work done on your ring! A very good friend took her engagement ring in to a very popular jeweler and someone switched out the stones on her and replaced her diamond with cubic zirconia. She knows it isn't just her husband lying, as they had it appraised for insurance, and then again after for some reason.
As she was telling me this story, someone else said the same thing happened to them with a totally different jeweler.
I don't mean to imply that all jewelers are dishonest at all. Just. better safe than sorry!
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Find a trusted jeweler ... the apprasial idea aint bad... I am planning to do this when I get grand mas ruby and diamonds set...
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For an emerald and diamond ring, I would at least look into getting it reset into white gold instead of silver....just a thought....
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Another possibility would be to have the (yellow) gold band set in a white gold or platinum band. That way, there's little chance of the stones being damaged. My grandmother's wedding ring was diamonds set in a platinum band. She gave it to me when I graduated from college, but had the whole thing set in a perforated yellow gold band beforehand, so that it was 1) more modern, 2) more to my taste, as my other jewelry is all yellow gold. I wish she'd consulted me before she had it done, because I would have told her not to bother, but the ring did turn out rather well.
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