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LOL I do it all the time!!

TPBM has seen kittens being born?
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No, I havent

TPBM has a brother or sister?
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I have two sisters, one younger and one older.

TPBM is waiting for a phone call?
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Well, not a phone call exactly, but an email about a job I've applied for!!

TPBM waxes their legs, not shaves?
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Nope I bruise to easily to wax....

TPBM wakes up early to go to work.
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I get up at 5:30 everyday when I work......ugh.

TPBM sits at a desk at thier job?
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Yes I do!

TPBM is easily distracted?
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Yes I am esp with TCS in front of me!!!

TPBM is sleepy today!
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Yes I am! I hate having to get up so early with my husband.

TPBM would like to share my freshly made cinnamon buns.
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Actually no, for once!! It must be all the extra exercise I'm doing at the moment - although I still can't get out of bed in the morning....lol

TPBM watches Survivor!!
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Nope I don't know what I watch on Thursdays instead of survivor... that channel doesn't come in very good at my house!!

TPBM likes this game!
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Yes, I do! Anything is better than acutally working!

TPBM ate chocolate today?
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Not yet!! Too early for chocolate!

TPBM would love to have another kitty!
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Ain't that the truth!

TPBM wants it to be Friday already!
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LOL. its Friday to me every day!! I am a stay at home mommy.

TPBM is still in their pj's?? LOL
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Goodness, I wish I were!

TPBM is neglecting their work and posting on TCS instead?
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I wish, but I think my boss would frown on the pj's here!

TPBM likes dill pickles?
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Yes! Sure do

TPBM has a headache?? *sighs*
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I did this morning but now its gone!!

TPBM is having Subway for lunch!
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I wish! That sounds super yummy!
(Maybe Tara is! )

TPBM is getting engaged?
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Someday hopefully soon I ma sick of waiting!

TPBM has a pierced belly button!
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uh, hell no! the only pierced on me is my ears... my belly's not flat enough anyway, not that that stops some people

TPBM wishes it was Friday?
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TPBM eats something unhealthy daily?
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It's impossible not to! Almost every day at least. When I go on my crash diets I'll eat totally healthy, then 4 days later I ruin it... With a brownie or something...

TPBM is allergic to something?
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Nope. I am allergy free!!

TPBM Made a mistake at work today?
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Yes, my mistake was COMING to work today!

TPBM likes chocolate chip cookies?
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Oooo yummy yes of course!

TPBM has had a tooth cavity?
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Yes I have... Hopefully no more!!!

TPBM is ready for the workday to be OVER!!!
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Yes! My dad is at the hopsital for some tests and I really want to get over there!

TPBM is going to watch Idol tonight?
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Nope. I think it's getting boring

TPBM didn't get enough sleep lastnight?
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