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TPBM drinks a lot of water.
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I hope I do

TPBM is going to dinner tonite?
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Already went to dinner tonight

TPBM watches far too many movies.
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I used to. Although not so many anymore since I dont have the time.

TPBM leaves thier blinds open during the day?
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actually yes, and the window open too

TPBM likes soda
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Yes I like soda, but in Canada we call it pop. My favorite is Canada Dry Ginger Ale.

The person below me having Ham for Easter dinner?
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No, I'm not going home for Easter. I don't really celebrate the holiday even though my family does. At least I get an easter basket.

TPBM owns a laptop
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I wish! Just a desktop, an older desktop and nonworking desktop here!

TPBM hates doing laundry?
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I hate most chores.

TPBM had dark hair.
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Yup! Dark brown.

TPBM likes gatorade!
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Yep - the green original flavor

TPBM is left handed
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TPBM likes to draw.
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No, I don't like to and I can't! I can't even draw stick people

TPBM has a rescued stray cat as a pet now.
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Try 4 lol

TPBM has a dishwasher?
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yup, but I hate it.

tpbm has a tabby.
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no, afraid not

TPBM bites their nails
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