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TPBM can rollerblade?
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TPBM likes picnics in the park?
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TPBM is frustrated right now?
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Nope, for once i'm relaxed and just reading every one's posts here on TCS

TPBM Has gone to college
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Yup, and almost done with my Masters!
TPBM likes to drink wine every now and then (or often)?
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nope not to keen on wine I like my beer

TPBM has a fish tank
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Nope no fishy's

TPBM works with numbers at work
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Yup, everyday

TPBM has their windows open @ home?
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I sure do!

TPBM has been to the dentist lately?
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Nope, but that reminds me that I need to...

TPBM is a thread killer!
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I am an honorable mention thread killer!

TPMB wants to over throw Mackenzie for the thread killer spot?
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hmmm I'd be happy with an honorable mention

TPBM is supposed to get rain today?
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If I am the cloudless sun is lying and the chirping birds are too!

TPBM likes humid weather?
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I don't know about liking it but I live with it yes.

TPBm is ready for lunch
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Yes, except I don't know what I'm going to be having!

TPBM is doing something special for Easter?
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Yes-I love Easter!!

TPBM burns cd's?
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Nope I don't have a computer at home and my parents is SLOW!!
We buy a LOT of them though

TPBM likes mashed potatoes
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with graaaaavy

TPBM loves thunder storms?
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I kinda like them. I like just a lain rainy day some times more.

TPBM gets to go home in about an hour?
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nope, 2

TPBM needs some kind of block on this forum so they actually do some work
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For sure! LOL
TPBM has long fingernails?
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I just broke a couple last week!

TPBM is wearing tennis shoes (or sneakers)
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Nope its flip flop weather!!

TPBM wants to go the beach
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That would be nice!

TPBM likes being bare foot?
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Yes! I hate socks and shoes!!!

TPBM like toe socks
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A toe sock?????

TPBM has hairy arms?
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well, a little, but its very light and not thick

TPBM has some Irish in their bloodlines?
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Maybe a *little*

TPBM is hot right now?
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Nope, today I am just right

TPBM has eaten chocolate today?
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Yup! I had a bite from breakfast!

TPBM has already eaten lunch?
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