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I unno bout that....

TPBM has a pink bathing suit?
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TPBM has chapped lips?
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not presently

TPBM has been to yellowstone national park
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TPBM has 4 cats
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yes, 4 cats and my queen just had a litter of 4 kitten 4/6

TPBM has more then four cats
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I will in a few weeks!

TPBM knows what cephalopods are
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I do now thanks to google!

TPBM watched Sesame Street as a kid
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Yes I did!!

TPBM had a crappy day yesterday
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I wouldn't call it crappy, but I've had better.

TPBM smokes?
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Yes unforunatly but I plan to stop before the ban in Spetember!

TPBM likes the color purple?
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Yes I do!

TPBM takes their cat/s outside to play?
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NO because there are big doggies that would hurt her!!!

TPBM wants the weekend already
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Not really....hubby goes to nights then

TPBM is having VERY windy weather today?
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No, its actually really nice out - supposed to rain later tho

TPBM has a lot of kitty toys around the house?
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Theres a few, yes

TPBM has a kitty house around?
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nope no kitty house here......maybe someday when i have a place of my own again

TPBM really wants to take a nap
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Oh ya! I would love a nap!

TPBM is wearing a ring.
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nope no rings here

TPBM has long hair
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Yup growing it for my wedding.

TPBM like ice cream?
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Nope i have short hair

TPBM is getting/got married in the summer?
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Yup! Can't wait...

TPBM likes scary movies?
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I can't stand scary movies!!!!!

TPBM can rub their belly and tap their head at the same time.
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Yup I sure can!

TPBM likes to decorate for every holiday there is
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nope, cuz then I have to take it back down!

TPBM still has stuffed animals
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Yes I do.

TPBM drives a Mazda?
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Nope I drive a Ford truck

TPBM drinks more soda then water
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unfortunately yes

TPBM can grow their own nails?
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Yup~and sometimes they are annoying..lol

TPBM has a beauty mark?
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Yes...on my neck.

TPBM has other animals besides cats.
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Well, I'm planning on getting a dog when I move but till then it's only Devin.

TPBM hates doing the dishes?
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