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Fortunately, no.

TPBM hates getting up in the morning.
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I sure do!

TPBM is going on a summer vacation this year?
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Nope no vacation

TPBM works in an office
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Why did I start reading this thread?
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nope im a teacher
tpbm has a grey cat
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Well not all gray

TPBM has calico cats?
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Nope, I've got the grey!
TPBM has been on TCS for over a year.
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Nope. Just joined less than a week ago, I'm such a newbie

TPBM likes macaroni & cheese?
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TPBM has a tattoo?
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3 to be exact

TPBM wants more tatoos?
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Why yes I do!! I really need to get some!!

TPBM has/wants their septum pierced, like me!
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No thanks - ears are enough things pierced!

TPBM wishes it was still the weekend!
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Yes, especially since I feel like crap

TPBM is having beautiful weather today?
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Yup supposed to get up to 60 today with lots of sunshine!

TPBM worked this weekend?
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The sun is out.....and its on its way to warming up

TPBM likes to color?
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yes i love to color! especially with my kids

TPBmrescued at least one of their furbabies
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We rescued all 4.

TPBM has a calendar in thier house?
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Yes, a cat one at that

TPBM wants more cats?
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Yes, but right now, its only Harley til we get a bigger place

TPBM is posting on TCS instead of working?!
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How did you know!
TPBM has freckles?
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Nope not a one!

TPBM is happy its spring!
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I am thrilled it is spring, especially for the walk to the bus every morning.

TPBM will have a 4 day weekend for Easter.
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The person below me is snacking at the moment?
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Nope, no snacks....

TPBM wears socks?
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Yep. NEVER in the summer though. I love my sandals

TPBM lives near a beach?
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TPBM wishes they lived near a beach?
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Nope not me. Mountains and rivers

TPBM is going somewhere exotic for the holiday?
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only if you count my house with my menagerie

TPBM is having an easter dinner with family?
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Yes I am, and I can't wait!

TPBM decorates for Easter?
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Nope, but I will put up the spring wreath on the door.

TPBM can't wait for home time!
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