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No, but they ARE adorable (especially yours!)

TPBM is afraid of heights?
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Aww...thanks, Melissa.

I don't buy many CDs (I mostly listen to the radio), and I'm not at all afraid of heights.

TPBM lives somewhere warm.
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Heck no!

TPBM has had more than 1 cat in their lifetime?
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Sure have!

TPBM is having a pina colada right now?
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No but a non-alcoholic one sounds reallllly good!

The person below me has kitties fighting for their lap!
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Nope, only one cat here. She's on the arm-rest watching me, half-asleep

TPBM should be in bed so they can actually get up for work in the morning??
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Substitute work for school and you've got me! Eh, class isnt till 10am...

TPBM takes thier showers at night?
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Usually, but sometimes in the morning if I really need to wake up

TPBM has more pairs of shoes than they actually need?
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Actually, no! Just a pair of sneakers, running shoes, a couple pairs of dressy heels, mocassins, 2 pairs of sandals, an older pair of flip-flops that are really comfy, and another pair of dress-shoes.....ok, maybe a little more than I 'need' But not as bad as some people!

TPBM is wide awake?
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Despite 4 hours of sleep last night I am. Now am waiting for dear boyfriend & Devin to go to sleep so I can play the Sims2.

TPBM likes playing computer games?
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Yup but only Commodore 64 - ahhhh remnants from a misspent youth!

TPBM is just about ready for bed?
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Nope, just got up about an hour ago

TPBM has curly hair?
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Yes and no...the ends curly, but my my hair is mainly wavy, near the top.

TPBM likes watching movies.
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Yes, scary ones

TPBM loves chocolate?
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I'm eating chocoalte covered peanuts right now.... I think that was like my 10th someone take them away!!!!!!!!

TPBM is going to have a drink today? I need one
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Definitely!!! It's been a really long day and I need one!

TPBM has plans for the weekend.
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Nah not really~gonna go eat after bit though

TPBM likes steak?
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The person below me has a fetish for feet
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No! I would like a foot massage though.

TPBM is planning to see The Da Vinci Code.
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Yes I've heard it's really good & I plan on reading the book first

TPBM is wide awake
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not really its been exausting today we found out cheyenne has bronshitis this meowmys tired!!!!

TPBM does NOT suffer from migraines
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No, I have really bad ones...way too often.

TPBM has a horse
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I wish I had a horse....

TPBM drank last night?
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Drank..milk? Yes

TPBM Owns an instrument
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not a musical bone in my body

TPBM likes candles
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love them i have so many that if i lit them all my house would be a fire hazard lol

TPBM slept late this morning
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Yeah, kinda... til 8:30 or so

TPBM likes to dance?
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Yep! Might not be very good at it though, but yeah it's fun

TPBM likes to knit?
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Nah, don't know how.

TPBM lives in an apartment
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TPBM has allergies??
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