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Do you ever check Ebay for parts? My DH has had really great luck finding parts for decent and sometimes awesome prices there. You just have to know what you are looking for, what questions to ask and check their feedback...it can be a gamble, but we have not had any problems that way.

Although with really heavy parts, you either have to narrow your seacrh to local sellers or are better off trying other avenues. Just mentioning it because it can be a great resource.

I hear you about the different personalities on message boards. It's interesting.
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Yeah, I got some of my parts off eBay already. It's almost back together.

Well, looks like we won't be getting Noob fixed. Looks like someone else will have to. I just had to clean up his poop off the floor and I think what I saw was tapeworms.

I'm pretty sure you can only cure that with prescription medication for him and we definately can't afford that. If anyone wants a pretty, fuzzy little orange kitty in or around Olympia, WA, he needs a good home soon. We'll be taking him to a shelter (not sure which one) in the next few days if no one wants him.

He needs to be fixed and he needs treatment for tapeworm. He gets along with other cats (moreso when his testicles don't come into play), loves to lay in the window, and loves to be petted.

This photo is from when my boyfriend firrst found him wandering around. He's since put on some weight since then.

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So your getting rid of him?.

If you do send him to a shelter please find a no kill one.
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
So your getting rid of him?.

If you do send him to a shelter please find a no kill one.
That kind of goes... without saying.
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He looks and sounds like such a sweet cat, and will be lovely once his problems are solved. It is unfortunately almost inevitable that a cat taken off the streets will have worms and fleas. If you really can't keep him (and I hear your problems) then I do hope he finds a good home. Maybe you could keep/foster him until a shelter/humane society finds him another home? Then they might pay for the worming and neutering?
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Your other cat might have these problems too now.
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I think tapeworms and fleas go hand in hand, so your other cat has them to most likely. Tapeworm is inexpensive to treat, but on top of the neutering and car cost, you have a lot there to deal with.

Please try to find a no-kill shelter or rescue group. Do not take him to a pound or kill shelter. They only have a couple days in those and obviously won't be treated or neutered there.

One other thing to consider before you give him up. If you try some of those low cost clinics first, some only charge $5-$20 to neuter a male, if not free.
At least give the free clinic a call and see if they will neuter him and ask about flea/worm treatment. I get one tube of flea meds for $6 and the low cost clinic here treats for worms for $5. So there is a chance you could get him all taken care of for almost nothin and wouldn't really get that far into your money needed for the car. Especially since now you are going to have to treat your resident cat too.

At least try that option first before taking him to a shelter. Please? For his sake? It really is worth a try.
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Well, if there's any cat I'd rather keep here, it's Noob. My bf thinks he's a pain in the ass because he has testicles though. Noobie's a really sweet cat when he's not trying to hump something though.

So far I KNOW Noob has to be neutered and de-wormed and of course he has fleas (we find them on him all the time). He had roundworm before, and we eventually got rid of those. His coat is still soft and silky even though I found a piece of worm in his mess last night that was about 4-5 millimeters long and very active.

I'm the only one who changes the litter here or feeds the cats so I'm pretty aware of their eating habits and who might be sick. Some poo in the box has no worms visible. Usually I am more likely to notice worms when it's done out of the box though, which Noob seems to do often when he has a problem. He'll go right outside of the box, but he never pees outside of the box. Noob was found wandering our apartment complex's parking lot (to bring anyone up to speed who didn't read earlier).

With the other, slightly older car, Jagger, I know he has at least some fleas (rarely see him, but he's a greyish and black colored tabby) and seems to have a flea allergy. He was fixed awhile ago, possibly before my boyfriend got him. Jagger was picked up by my boyfriend at least a year ago at a local shelter. He thinks of him as his baby.

They are both usually pretty sweet. Jagger's vice is getting on the countertop or anywhere else high enough to try to put himself at the same level we are. He also grabs treats from your hand, which is really cute, and mews when he needs water or food or a toy. He also cries at the bird out the window and twitches his tail. Noob is the kitty who meets us at the door almost everytime we come home. He always wants to know what's out there. He purrs when he jumps, meows to us to let him in our room and paws at the door.

To be honest with you, I'm more of a dog person myself (I REALLY want a boxer pup again). I think that might be why I prefer Noob. Noob is social. Jagger is not usually so social.

Especially with my boyfriend thinking he's a pain, I think Noob might be better off in a house where he gets all the loving he needs.
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