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New adoption

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I recently adopted a new beautiful 9-month-old tortie female from the local humane society and I just want to ensure I am doing everything right for the first fur baby I've had in a while. I live in a 1br apartment and have had her in the bathroom since I brought her home yesterday. She has food, water, toys and a litterbox. She is very affectionate and has displayed no problematic scratching, aggression or urination in the last 24 hours. How long do we need to be in the "safe room" beofore we begin to make excursions into the rest of the apartment? Any advice for the new cat owner from all of you seasoned pros out there?

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Some people might have different opinions, but if your apartment is small & all on the same level, and she's shown she knows how to use her box & get her food & water and she appears comfortable psychologically with being in a new place, then I say she can explore, especially when you're home.

I also live in a 1br apt & allowed my kitten free run of the apt when I was home after the first day- and she was only 12 weeks old at the time.

Just my two cents.
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Whether it's right or wrong theoretically, I couldn't tell you . But I live in a 1-bedroom apt myself. And what I would do if in your situation, once I knew she was okay with the litterbox, would be to leave the door open, welcome her to her new home, and let her come out when she's ready.
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When I lived in a 1 br apt, I just let my cat have free roam from the get go. I think that if your girl has used the litterbox and knows where her food is she'll be fine exploring her new home. If you're concerned about her while you're gone, you can put her in the bathroom for the next couple of days until she's "at home" and ready to be left by herself.

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We are on day six and everything has been fine thus far minus a trip to the vet for a corticosteroid shot for some respiratory inflammation she was having. She has free roam of the entire place now and has not had a single accident that I am aware of. Thanks to all for the helpful advice.
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I would agree, once you find her using the litter box regularly and knows where her food and water is, I would leave the door open and let her come out on her own time. Jackson is just under a year and we live in a 1 bedroom basement suite (Tiny) and he has had no problems! BEST OF LUCK!!! Keep me posted...She's gonna do great!
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