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Does anyone know of a good companion pet for an elderly kitty? Kitty has been wanting someone to just sit with her all day long. I sit with her as much as possible but I have to clean and fix dinner, etc. She just crys when she is alone until someone comes and sits with her.
A friend of mine said that her cat was great friends with a rat, and another said maybe a rabbit. Any suggestion? It just seems like she wants a warm body to snuggle up next to.
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The problem is that it's so hard to predict which rabbit would be compatible, which othe cat, or dog. I seriously wouldn't chance the rat, or hamster, or bird, all of which may trigger a basic instinct that you can't control. She probably would want another cat to relate to, but so many could take advantage and want to dominate, or just play too roughly that she could be worse off than she is, and an older one could definitely cause territorial issues. What are the chances of a young neighborhood (gentle) girl coming by to spell you sometimes? I guess a kitten might be an idea, but you would then have another 15 yrs of 'cat' to deal with and the same story down the line, but it's the best I can think of.
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Some shelters are very very good at describing the personality of their cats (if they are chill, dominant, etc) so you could try getting another older cat if your cat isn't the territorial type. I think a kitten would just annoy your cat, from watching mine interact with older cats.

Maybe all your cat really wants is to be with you?
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If she's elderly i'd say she just wants a loving human to give her lots of love and attention, unless you know how she would respond to having another cat in the house, but if she's not used to another cat it might stress her out, and i would rather not do that
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