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I'm so excited!!

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Well, I was at the pet store picking up Marlee's food when I passed the toy/leash isle. With it being so pretty outside, I just decided I couldn't wait any longer to get her a harness and leash, so I bought one of each! (Hot pink too, will look so pretty with her fur!) Right now they are in the floor with her toys and I've been playing with her using them, so she'll get used to them. How long should I wait before I try to put it on her? I hope this goes well, I would love to be able to take her outside with me sometimes!
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Put the harness on inside today or tomorrow, and play with her to distract her from its strangeness. After doing that for a few days, you should be able to take her outside. Don't be surprised if she plays "boneless kitty" at first. You might want to sit on the ground with her on your lap, until she musters the courage to explore.
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Cool! Sounds like it would look great on her
Good luck with it!
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Zissou and I go on walks almost every day it's nice enough outside to. Don't expect to be doing much walking though, it's mostly standing around watching her sniff things and stare at birds. Sometimes we sprint down the field though I put her harness on her every day for a week, for about an hour, and just left her alone. At first she will "play boneless kitty" like someone else said, then graduate to a sort of hunchy-stalking walk, and eventually get used to it. Don't even try to attach the leash before she acts totally normal with the harness on. Then, put the leash on inside and walk her around for a little bit. Cats sometimes get mad because it seems like you're following them around. Once she gets the concept of being attached to you, open the door and follow her. Go at her pace, not yours, unless you have to do something like cross the street or protect her from a dog, in which case just pick her up.

It's sooooo much fun though!

Oh, and the first time I put it on her I distracted her by doing it at wet-food time.
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Thanks for the info. I put it on her few about 10 minutes a bit ago, she did fairly well. I'd been letting her play with it for a while, so I got her on the bed and put it on. She got a little mad and jumped down, never really did the boneless kitty though, which I guess is a good sign! She did stay still more than usualy while it was on, but when I was playing with her she would still interact with me. I'll keep doing that every so often for the next couple days, then try the leash!
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Things are going good! About 30 minutes ago I put the harness on her, right before I gave her the wet food, which was a great idea! I just attached the leash a few minutes ago and right now she's just dragging it around. So hopefully in a few days we'll be ready to go out!
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