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The phantom cat

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This story is for those of you who believe there is life after death. I'm not in any means claiming this story to be true but I found this story along with a couple others about pets that have come back after their deaths.

The Phantom Cat

Cats crave routine, which is why so many people report seeing ghostly apparitions at specific times. A cat may return at the same time as her feeding, or at the time she expects her owner to return from work. Sometimes a cat is just not ready to say goodbye.

One story tells how a cat was taken to a veterinary office, where she was diagnosed with feline leukemia. The cat was put to sleep, and the grieving owners prepared to donate the cat’s carrier and other belongings to the local shelter.

The owners put the cage and personal belongings of the cat in the back seat. As they began driving, the woman felt a familiar presence – then she heard a familiar “meow.†She looked in the rearview mirror and saw her tabby, sitting in her carrier. The woman slammed on the brakes.

Her husband looked back and saw the tabby clearly – no ghostly apparition, the cat looked like flesh and blood. The couple looked at one another – was it possible that their cat somehow made it out of the vet’s office and into the car – even after getting the fatal injection?

The cat didn’t answer. She meowed again, and looked at them expectantly. Guilt-stricken and not knowing what else to do, they drove back to the vet’s office, talking in soothing tones. The cat laid down in the carrier and appeared to go to sleep. The couple looked at each other again, but when they turned back to their tabby, she was gone.
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Wow...that is really spooky!
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Maybe kitty was telling them that it was ok to do what they did, and thank you for taking away the pain.
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Scary! I have heard a lot of other stories similiar to this one and I have also heard stories about dead pets who come back as an unseen presence and physically touch their owner. These stories must all be different versions of an urban legend or something.
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Like I said I'm not sure if it's true but it was part of an article that was debating on whether or not our pets have an after life. I guess I'd like to think our pets would be with us in some way after their passing.
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I had a cat once who I believe came to see me the night he died. I was living alone and was very sad and lonely without him, and I felt him jump up on my bed and sleep on my feet like usual. It comforted me so I could sleep. It took me about a week, but I did get another kitten shortly after.
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Ok, now I will admit to something. Since the death of our cat, Midnight, last August my son and I have both occasionally felt something unseen rub against us. We don't believe in ghosts and we keep telling ourselves it's just our imagination. The problem with that is that Snowball is always with us during these times, but isn't moving around, and didn't rub against us. Whenever this happens, Snowball will always start watching the movement of something unseen in the room exactly the same way he used to watch Midnight. I don't have any explaination for this.
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Lorie - It's been said that animals are more attuned to the other entities that roam around us than we are. If it is Midnight, Snowball probably isn't completely freaking out since he knows her. Kinda spooky though!
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Wow, thats scary. I've never heard of pets that have died coming back as ghosts. This is too weird for me.
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