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Tinkerbelle has had two kittens so far! But after 30 mins she has not cut the umbilical cord. She has eaten the placentas and cleaned them up. Shall I leave her to cut the cord? Or shall I tie it with some sterilised thread????? Help!!!! I'll wait 5 mins, I undertsand that I cant expect a immediate reply. In fact I might call the vet too!
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how long is the cord??
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cord is about 3 inches attached to the remaining bits of placenta. I just called the vet and he said to leave her alone and if by tonight the kittens are still dragging themselves around with the cord attached to cut it off. He said the blood supply to the placenta has now closed up.

You guys agree?

Ah I am a bag of nerves here!

1st was born at 3.18pm and is ginger
2nd one born at 3.30pm and is dark brown, like her.

Both healthy and wriggling around. God willing, they will be ok.

Looks like there could be a few more in there... not sure
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She sohuld get around to cutting it herself, she is probably tired and preoccupied
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Ok thanks so much - feel slightly relieved with yours and the vets opinions.

Laughing to myself here (as well as crying), I have read soooooo much about the birth process and have all the kit ready just in case I had to intervene. However, when the time came I just collapsed into a bag of nerves! Some vet I would be!

Better go check on Tinky..she wanted me there, she also wanted Gizmo her 9 yr old neutered brother there too...but being a typical man, he was more interested in having some food and using the cat litter...charming!
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No3 at 4.30pm. She's getting on with it quite well now, better without me there actually I think!

God, Im so happy.

No3 is Ginger too!
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Aw, it sounds like things are going smoothly now! How exciting! Do you think there are more?
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What wonderful news! I'm glad you got the vets opinion...I would follow his advice. It is a very emotional experience to have kittens. I'm glad everything is going smoothly.
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4 beautiful babies! Very lively and now having a good drink from mum. Mum is doing well and did an excellent job (yes, she sorted out the umbilcal cords !!)

For those awaiting's how it all went for me - this may be of help to you...

2pm I heard loud meowing and noticed a white discharge coming from her. Within minutes, this was coupled with a watery liquid, slightly blood tinged.

I lead her to her nesting area and she started to arrange her nest, ripping up paper, moving the blankets.

She then came out the nest to tell Gizmo her brother "Hey something funny is happening, give me love" and they huddled together on my bed for a while, Gizmo licking her discharge clean! Then I could see her trying to push out a 'bubble-like' thing and decided that my bed was not the place for this and picked her and put her in her nest.

For a good 30 mins I could see what appeared to be a tail hanging out of her. Thats when my nerves kicked in big time! A breech baby as her first baby...I was worried. She was panting, meowing and pushing like crazy.

3.18pm - no 1 came along....its ginger with lovely brown marking on him.
3.30pm - no 2 - dark brown in colour...she/he slipped out quite easy and appeared from no where! This one seems to have inherited the siamese from Tinkerbelle. It just has a different shape to it than the others. Anyway, time will tell.
4.30pm - no 3 - ginger and brown, but different pattern of markings to no 1
4.35pm - no 4 - again ginger and brown, and different pattern of markings to no 1 and 3.

As she is licking them clean, the fur looks beautiful..especially of the ginger/brown ones. Looks quite long and its 'honey blonde' as opposed to reddish ginger. Would you guys says that the dad must have been a ginger tom?

I'll take some pics once they have settled and post them.

She seems quite settled and is having a nap now, whilst they squirm around drinking milk (they look like rugrats!) So, I think that's it...4.

What an amazing afternoon. I've not had children I've never experienced anything like this.

So proud of her
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You must be very emotional and proud! They sound adorable and I can't wait for pictures.
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Congratulations! My cat also panted the whole time and squalled at almost every contraction Enjoy your kittens! They are SO fun!
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will you be posting some pics soon
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Yes - i'll go take some pics shortly and post within the hour or so.
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oh lovely cant wait to see my own kittens born
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Lucyloo - Good luck with your Tinkerbelle's babies! Wishing you and your Tinkerbelle all the best! Keep us updated! I've put some pics up on a new thread.
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