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A few concerns...

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I know that I have read the answers to some of this but was unable to locate it this morning so forgive me for making ya'll repeat...

Ethel has started dripping a few drops of blood here and there. She gave birth on Tuesday but I didn't notice it til yesterday. Since it is literally a drop here and there I am assuming that this is normal.

This morning Ethel and the kittens were crying and when I got out of bed to look there were only 3 kittens with one missing. Her nest is right next to my closet, which I had originally cleaned out to put her nest in. She ran in the closet and ran back to her nest. I looked in and didn't see anything and then I woke my husband up and looked again and one of the kittens was on the other side sound asleep.

I put her back in the box and momma and babies settled down. Then my son came in and was sitting next to the box talking to her and petting her and she picked up one of the other kittens and took her into the closet and laid down in there with her. She was purring and everything. I was thinking that if she was trying to get them from Jake she wouldn't have left the other 3 alone right by him. She didn't go back for the others and it was a different kitten than the first one she took in there. I changed her bedding last night so it should be fairly clean.

Any ideas???
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Now she has moved them all. I guess I should get a box that will fit in the closet. She must just want to be left alone...
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One of my mother cats did that. She had been perfectly happy with her nest for a couple of weeks and then decided it was time to move them. She would move one and then leave the others. Eventually she came for all of them. Maybe if she wants to move her nest you could help her by moving the rest in there with her.
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