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Im quite worried about my cat. She's 8 and she's been ill for two weeks now. She wasnt eating for a few days, lost weight and was having trouble breathing and the first time she went to the vet they looked inside her and couldnt find any blockages so just gave her some antibiotics and some worming powders. She took all these fine but got no better (apart from the few days after the anti-inflammatory injection she was given). SO she went back the next week and the vet said this time she may have laryngitis. So she had another anti-inflammatory and she was better the next day but now its worn off she is even worse than before. She is eating a little bit but is coughing very badly and gasping. She sits a lot with her mouth open for some reason.

So, has anyone else had a cat with these problems or laryngitis specifically? Is there anything else we can do for her apart from what the vet gives her? Certain foods for example? Anything?!!! She is normally so playful like a little kitten and she really seems so down . Thanks xxx
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Please understand, that this is only my opinion, but if she were mine, I would find another vet to see her for a second opinion. Upper respitory tract infections can be varied and this sounds a little more serious than just a cat losing its voice. URI can include (pneumonia, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis and bronchitis),she may even have an infected fight wounds on her somewhere that could be causing problems. I would take her in and see if another vet comes up with the same diagnosis. Good luck
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I agree, any type of respitory distress should be addressed in a quick manor. I would talk to a vet about doing xrays to see whats going on. It could be as simple as asthma, but you need to have all the tests run to be sure. This way you can get her on proper medications and get her feeling better.
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