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Who Worms Their Cats?

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Durring our "Worm Scare" we noticed that some advise to worm your cats periodicly. We brought ours to the vet and treated them accordingly, But no mention of periodic worming was advised. Does anybody worm their cats?
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I think if you bring it a fecal sample periodically to the vet they can examine it for worms. My cats were wormed as kittens. Cookie and Suzie DEFINITELY had worms. All my cats are inside, so I think the chances of them picking them up again are small. If the cats are outside, I don't know if a vet would reccomend it more frequently, but I would use a wormer from a vet, not the stuff at the petstore.
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That's great advice. I'd rather just do a stool sample than treat the cats unecisarilly. They're cheap enough. After our bout with the worms I think I'll have this done every six months. Administering the medication seemed like torture. I really dont want to put them through that again!
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Assuming you're talking about tapeworm;I worm all of my cats when I spot a worm on any given cat. It doesn't matter in my case that the kits are all indoors. The worms are caused by injesting fleas and I have dogs that can bring them inside.
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Somehow our cats got roundworm. Then after treating them for that, Protazoas showed up in the fecal retest. We had to retreat the cats. We just brought a new kitten into the house that has a "Health Certificate" On the certificate it says to have the kitten treated for worms with Pyrantel every two weeks after birth. Sounded a bit accesive to me. I was wondering if anybody did this. Our cats don't go out but somehow thay got the worms. Probably from something I fed them. I was giving them raw steak as a treat now and then. Maybe they got them for that.
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If ever I see fleas on my animals or in my house, I have them wormed after the fleas have been treated.
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As mine go outdoors I treat them with tablets from the vet every two months. They are used to them so it is not much trouble getting them down!
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Mine were wormed extensivley as kittens and since they are indoor I will only worm them if a problem appears.
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I had this dicscussion with my vet ... see I asked for wormer and she said did you see a worm or do they have fleas ?? I said nope she said not to worm them unless they had worms.. one is 95% indoor the other is indoor / outdoor
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I worm a week or two before vaccination boosters are due, but that's it. I get a gel (Flubenol P) from the vet that covers all types of worms, and administer it for three days (I mix it in a bit of tuna). If I suspect a problem, I take a stool sample in to be tested.
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I dont worm mine unless the worms are noticeable. I have had vets tell me that its not necessary unless you see the worms! But anyhoo, I worm mine at least once a year.
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I worm them when I see wiggling going on where wiggling should not be. I have wormer.
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I don't have any dogs, but that is a good point that you should be more careful if you do.
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we give our cats Revolution and that is supposed to get rid of all parasites and they get shots for it. they are too cute to have to worry about them dying over something so small.
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My cats are indoor only and don't have fleas. I have them wormed when I get them. This is done by the vet, I don't treat them myself.
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Ours are wormed as babies when we first get them and then never again unless we've had an infestation of fleas. For their annual checkups and vaccinations we always take a stool sample just to be sure.

I for one don't believe in treating for something unless you know it's there. I don't take medication for myself unless I need it and wouldn't dream of doing anything differently for our cats.
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