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I don't feel good

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Wednesday night I started feeling a tightness in my chest. It progressed so that Thursday I came home in the afternoon and finished my work at home. Yesterday I really wanted to take a sick day because my chest is full of gunk and I'm worn out, but I've got this stuff that has to be done, so I worked from home ... This morning I am trying to finish up my work from yesterday, and then I really need to clean house because we are going to be gone all day tomorrow and then my brother is coming to visit next week.

I don't know why I'm sharing, except I just needed to whine. I don't feel good.
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I'm so sorry you are feeling rubbish. Theres nothing worse than feeling ill and having things to do, when all you want is to lie on your back watching TV.
I think it takes longer to get better if you carry on as normal and don't rest, unfortunately though, life doesn't stop just because we do. Would be lovely if it did.
**HUGS** to you and get well {{{{VIBES}}}}
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hope you feel better soon.
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I hope that you feel better soon!
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Get better soon!!!
Here's a nurse to help!
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I hope you feel better soon. Leave the house work until a later time. Take time for yourself to rest up. The house will still be there and so will the work, but you need to take care of yourself first
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Forget about work and housework - go to bed, and rest up! The work/house will still be there next week; why risk your health?
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I have had several friends with pneumonia this year. One was literally bedridden for 6 days, and the other ended up hospitalized. If you haven't seen a doctor yet, you need to! Cancel the brother's visit, cut back on your work, and get some rest, too.

If you end up in the hospital the work will either wait or be passed off to someone else, right?!?

Feel better, soon.
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I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I also agree that working a lot & stressing usually makes it take even longer to get better. Please just put those things off to the side for now. Like everyone else said, just try to relax & rest up. All the home remedies always make me feel better. Even if it's a lot more than a cold, it does help a bit. Like chicken-noodle soup, orange juice, plenty of fluids, a hot shower, a cup of tea, etc.
I hope you feel better very soon!
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Sending get well vibes to you! That crap seems to be going around here, too. We all have been sick with flu/colds~please get well soon! *hugs*
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I saw this thread this morning and was checking back hoping to find you feeling better. Get some rest, I hope you are better in the morning.
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I'm sorry your not feeling well, My middle daughter works in a Drs office and she has been sicker then sick, alot of the girls there have been very sick, almost like pneumonia, it's that time of year, I am praying not to get it, Hope your better fast
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I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling under the are you feeling this morning?
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Aw ... thanks, guys. I can breathe better this morning. At least, my chest seems a lot clearer, though there's still some gunk in there. My head is stuffed up now, which is really annoying, but at least I don't seem to be running a fever anymore.

I did not do much yesterday; today I plan to, but I am going to be extra extra careful to drink plenty of fluids and to take it nice and slow. I am SO gonna kick this virus!
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