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A gentle meow in the night

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drew me out of sleep and I lay in the dark listening to see if I could identify which cat the sound had come from. It was such a tiny meow, at first I couldn't place it. So I just laid still until I heard it again. It had to be McKenzie, so I got up and looked over at the clock to see that it was 1 a.m. Carefully, so as not to awaken hubby, I got dressed and went upstairs to the cat room.

McKenzie was crouched in the corner all hunched over. Someone had certainly done a number to this kitten in her short life. I picked up a discarded jacket, and bent over to scoop her up. She is just a little whisp of a cat, and she laid in my arms, through the material of the coat, I could feel her tremble. I spoke her name gently over and over, and assured her she was in a "good place" now and no one would hurt her. I carried her over to the couch and set her down beside me. Keeping one of my hands gently on her back, I began to stroke her, looking for that special button, that place that each cat has, where they forget everything, but the joy of being touched. At first she was stiff and unyielding as I stroked her back, and rubbed the base of her tail. Knowing that my next move might be foolhardy, I decided to take a chance and rub her face. She flinched when she saw my fingers coming, but when I rubbed her nose, she leaned into me and pressed into the gentle embrace! I circled my fingers around to tickle her neck and found to my delight that when I rubbed the side of her face below her ear, she rolled over on her back and waved her paws at me! I continued with the circular massage and she gave a loud purr, her eyes closed and we had a few moments of bliss and bonding.

I firmly believe that this interaction is the first time this kitten has known love. She lay there, paws quivering, eyes shut in complete trust. Of course the minute I shifted my weight, her eyes became as huge as saucers once again, and she edged away from me on to the arm of the couch. But it was the first step in a series of what I hope to be bigger ones, and it just breaks my heart that this little girl has been beaten up by the nasties in the world.

I left her and went downstairs, and as I reached the bottom of the landing, I heard her meowing again and looked up to see her on the top of the second floor peering down at me. I switched off the lights, and her meowing became quite frantic. When I switched the lights back on she stopped crying. Turning, I went back upstairs and left the night light on for her. Right now, it is close to 2:00 a.m and all is now silent. This feral kitty, no longer welcomes the embrace of night as her security blanket, she has taken a huge step toward the welcome light of love.
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Hissy! What a great beginning for McKenzie! :flash: She is very lucky to have you Awww... all of them are!
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It's so wonderful that McKenzie has finally found you!!!
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:sniff sniff: Thanks, Hissy,for being such a good rescue mom! Bless little McKenzie's fraidy-cat heart.
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Oh Hissy! That is so very very sweet! You are such a kind hearted person!!!! After the story of poor Adonis in another thread, I was feeling pretty down, but this has helped to cheer me up! Thanks!!!
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The world needs more people like you Hissy. Not many people would do what you do nor would they take their chances with a stray(or in your case many strays). I'm so happy that McKenzie finally found a place where she belongs.
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What a beautiful and heartwarming story Hissy. Little Mackenzie is very lucky to have someone in her life as loving and helpful as you.
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Oh, now I'm all weepy!

good work, hissy, sounds like she's going to be okay.
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Well, I just got through watching the Hallmark special on TV. Now the movie did not make me cry but the commercials just tear me up. Now reading this, I had to open another box of tissues.

Hissy, you are such a caring and sweet person. I love to read your threads/posts. All of your animals are lucky to have you.
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I think I have read your story at least three times today. It just warms my heart every time! Shredder knew exactly where to bring this little one - to the safest place in the world where MacKenzie and her new babies can find real love. What a beautiful experience, thank you for sharing it with us.
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Are you sure there isn't a big sign over your home that says "home to all cats. Warmth and love and cuddles for free".

I am so glad you are bonding together.
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Thats such a great story Hissy. You definitely have that magical touch. I'm glad McKenzie is going to be ok and that she is warming up to you.
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OH - now that I can't think of anything else!

Little Mc will be just fine! She dosen't just know yet how luck she is to have found such a compasionate Human
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Hissy what a kind sweet person you are. Mac is so happy to have you for her new mommy. What a wonderful feeling for you to have this little one bond with you also, I can feel for you, we suspect Kitty-Kitty was abused in her last home, I would like to get the person who hurt her and do unthinkable things to him. I am sure it was a male, as we had several problems with her bonding with my BF, but happily with patience and a lot of love, she is like his shadow now. Keep up the good work Hissy and bless you and people like you for opening your hearts up to these little ones.
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