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I have a tiny abyssinian that was probably the runt of the litter. He is a little over 1 year old, and a pudge ball, he only weighs 8 pounds!! Eight pounds on him has put him into the weight watchers catagory.. He is every thing the standards for his breed is not supposed to be... But he is the cutest little bugaboo....
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Devins over a year old and weighs about 8 or so pounds and he's on the heavy side. Of course to him, he's pleasantly plump!

My sister's male cat is longer and about 10 or so pounds.
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both of my cats are 10-13 lbs.
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My Sapphire is about 8 lbs, but I was surprised that she weighed that much even though she looks like a footbal player Simon weighs 13-14 lbs and he's not fat at all, he's just solid and very tall
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Originally Posted by chausiefan

Just curious how small is the smallest cat in ur household as in how much does he/she weigh?

Also do they make up for their small size in personality or are they more timid around the bigger cats dogs rabbits whatever else u have lol
Cable is the smallest i have - about 8-8.5 pounds. Java is about 10, Pixel 11, & Chip is 14. Cable is top cat, tho.
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Sibohan at 4 years old yo-yo's between 11 and 13 lbs depending on home much I brush her and how much energy she's expelling
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Iris is the smallest - she's a tad over 9 pounds. She's cute, not so smart, and totally fearless!
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Sashka's a tiny little girl. She weighs just over 4 pounds and is two years old. She's not underweight, according to the vet, just a little mini thing!
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Velvet is my smallest kitty...she weighs 6 lbs.....Abilene weighs 11....Isabella weighs 11.5....and Jasmine weighs 15lbs ( she's on a diet lol)
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Of the three, Buffy is the smallest at 7 pounds. Molly is 8 pounds and Willow is 9 pounds (so it's all nice and even, lol). Buffy's the bossiest and crabbiest of the bunch, though, and Willow's the most timid and submissive.
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Lily is our tiniest, but not by much. Lily is just over 6 pounds (a little heavy for a Singapura since she was spayed).

At her last Vet visit Felicity is just a couple of ounces heavier than Lily at 6.5 pounds. She lost a little weight after Adelaide came inside as the two of them don't get on. We keep trying to keep her weight up by feeding her Hills as we and the Vet agreed that we don't want her losing any more weight. She really is like a big fluffy snowball, loads of fur but no substance to her. She is otherwise healthy, so if she doesn't put on weight we will feed her kitten food for a while to put a few ounces on her skinny frame.
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Nakita is my only cat and at her last vet visit she was 5.2 pounds and is 3 years old. She's a small cat but with a big voice when she wants to be heard!
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My smallest is Bandit. At 8 pounds he is a little over half Max's size (13) and Bandit is the submissive one though he will torment Max trying to play with him!!
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My smallest is Salem he weighs 7.2 pounds
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Only got one kitkat, and he's a big fluffy fatty, lol. No smallness in my house! Ha ha!
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Olivia is probably 6lb. She feels like a feather compared to the others. She is very long and fluffy though so she doesn't look too small. She's just thin and light. I'd say she makes up for it in purrsonality! She's got the fear of Bunny in her and thats about it!
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hah...remy is the baby at 9 months...he weighs 11 pounds. His mom at 2 weighs 12.5
No lightweights here....
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Bridgets my tiniest. She must only weigh a few KG.
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