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how small is ur smallest adult cat

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Just curious how small is the smallest cat in ur household as in how much does he/she weigh?

Also do they make up for their small size in personality or are they more timid around the bigger cats dogs rabbits whatever else u have lol
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Emma, my smallest and youngest, will be two tomorrow and weighs about 6.5 lbs. She's quite tiny compared to my other kitty, Oliver, who is 13.5 lbs- he's literally twice her size!
Despite her tinyness, she definitely rules the roost and keeps Oliver in his place! What she lacks in size, she more than makes up in sass!
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Serenity is only 10 months old, but I believe she may have reached her adult size at 7 pounds. She is full of tortitude!
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My Emily is 6 pounds, and yep, she makes up for her small size with her attitude!
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Spaz is slightly over 6 pounds, she hides it well under all her fur.
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Joji is the tiny one and weighs 6 lbs. The vet says she's a bit overweight for her size. Anyway, she's pretty bossy!
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omg everyones smallest cat is tortie/calico could we be on to something??
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Zakk is definitely my smallest male. Cookie ( 9 months old or so) is still growing and is already longer, though he may not be as heavy yet. Zakk weighs 9.5 lbs and is in charge of the whole house, and I'm including myself.
Suzie (also 9 months) most likely will be smaller than Zakk, and yes, she is a torbie. She was almost 5 lbs at the time of her spay at 6 months, and the vet guessed she would be about 7 lbs fully grown. I have yet to see her assert herself much, however she did surprise me yesterday. She is EXTREMELY shy, and I was trying to get her to take a treat out of my fingers with her mouth like the other cats. Surprisingly she did get close enough to try to knock the treat out of my hands with her paws. She was successful, due to the fact that she drew blood with her little claws.
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Ophelia (black and white) is my little one, weighing in at 7 pounds. And yes, she is the Alpha in the house. Heck, she is even in charge of Daddy!
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Haha...my smallest is just over 9 pounds...and he's the more timid one! Actually, my boys are both so laid back with each other that there's no alpha in the household - only times when one might want something a little more than the other!
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New kitty (still unnamed) is about 7 pounds. She's also a tortie
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Smidge is not quite an adult. She's 11 months old. But while her brothers seem to keep growing, she has weighed five pounds for at least three months and shows no sign of getting any bigger.
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Zoey is about 10 lbs but she knows how to sit and look about five ... she is a red smoke tabbie ( bengal cross suspected) she is the house greeter
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Pudge is about 6 or 7 lbs. She tricks many people with the hair. She has always been a little poof of a cat. :P
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Mine are not small. Missy is 12 pounds, Mister is 14.

The 10 month old babies, Spalding, Spritzer, Scampi, Baker & Betsy are between 9-11 pounds.
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Originally Posted by chausiefan
omg everyones smallest cat is tortie/calico could we be on to something??
- Sorry - my calico weighs in at a whopping 15lbs. My daughter calls her - her "beautiful little feline plus size model"
My skinny one is my tabby - 6.5lbs
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Hmm Gracie is calico and shes about 5 or 6 y/o and shes really tiny and petite, but shes really quiet! Then Lily and Abby, they are bengal mixes and I have had them for about 5 mos and got them when they were like 8 weeks and they seem really small to me too....but it seems like all my females are really little(lucy and callie, they are gracies daughters~calicos!) and they are small as well! I would say Callie likes to think she rules the roost LOL, but all in all none of them try to be too bossy, well except for Sherman and hes a different story!!
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My smallest is 3.34kg, so is that just over 6lb? She is 13, but cos she is so tiny, people think she is a kitten, and my friend thinks she is a special breed. She is a pure black. Out of 5 females, only 1 has been over 10lb, Pebbles is 4.08, which I think is about 8lb, and that is after 14 months of weight issues with her.
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Teufel is a very big boy, he is now 1 1/2 and it seems like he hasnt stopped growing, he is very heavy about 7 kilos. (i just weighed him on my scales)

Kaylee is nearly 10 months old and is about 3 1/2 kilos again on my scales. She has lost her weight she looks like a cat Model.

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Mav is about 5 or 6 lb and jupiter is about 13lb! we think he is part rotweiler.
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Gracie at 10 lbs is lighter than George although she is a little taller. She thinkks that she is the Princess and that you may kiss her paw. George is a little fire hydrant short and thick at 13.5 lbs but loves his human mommy.
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Freckles is about 6.5 lbs and Bob is close to 15. The last time I took Freckles the vet the techs were suprised how small he is because usually orange tabbies tend to be much larger.
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Luna by far! We have larger-sized cats, so they range at 15-20 lbs. Luna is about 9-10 lbs. Whitey is mostly fur and has yet to be weighed...however he is bigger than Luna.
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Rocket is 6 lbs and he is almost one. I don't think he will grow anymore but my vet says thats fine as all cats are different. Mica seems massive compared to him and she is two weeks younger.
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Zissou is still a baby, about 7 1/2 months, and she weighs about 6 lbs. I know you asked about adults, but I don't have any! She just keeps getting longer and taller but not weighing more. It's weird.
She is the same length as my sister's cat, who is about 14 lbs and a bit pudgly, and sometimes I worry that she's too skinny. She's not, she just looks tiny.
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Ariel is our little petite girl and is about 6 lbs. She'll be 2 on Monday, but looking at her you'd think she was only about 8-10 months! She's a little mini kitty!
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I only have one cat and she's about 12 lbs....
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Our baby Mushi is like 4 lbs. And he's like 9 months old. I think that's normal. But when he was a baby, he was just like so little. He was the runt.

Our kipper who's not in my signature yet is 15 lbs...but he's like 3, and is just a chunky fat boy.
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Beau at eight pounds is my smallest cat. He is a purebred Burmese and while he is my smallest cat, he is larger then his mother and sister. He makes up for his small size, with his big meow. Which is used only when he wants something.
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Sweetie was 5.4 lbs when she got her shots last fall but has had a leg amputated since then, I haven't thought to have her weighed since then. Fred is about 6 lbs and ALL muscle. My largest is 16 lbs, it is so funny to see him and Sweetie side by side. And the smaller ones at my house prove that they are just as big in other ways!
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