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Foster Baby Pics...Cute Cute Cute!!

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Fostering these 2 little ones...

Miracle is a little girl that is approx. 2-weeks of age & was found in a garbage can outside alongside her sibling who did not make it Although it appears the tip of her tail may fall off due to frostbite, she is a tough one & doing really well.

Einstein was rescued just yesterday from a kill shelter. He is approx. 3-weeks of age & just started eating like a little piggy

Both will remain in foster care until of age to go to adoption center run by Humane Society.
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How cute! Einstein is adorable in that last pic!
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They're so adorable!
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awwwwwww bless you for taking them in, they are beautiful!
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oh my gosh... way too cute. I love those BIG eyes.
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All I can say is.... Awwwww

I just love little Einstein, what a doll!
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They are both precious!
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Bless their little hearts . Their all so precious that i hope they find loving homes eventually
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So adorable! I have a foster litter of 6, with an attentive Mommy. Your two look like they would fit right in! I even named one of mine Miracle!

Prayers that your little ones continue to thrive and grow with your loving care!
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Such sweet little babies!

Seeing pictures like these make me want to have more kittens!
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Miracle is kind of lucky,now she has a big brother Einstien...I bet they will have lots of fun together They are both sooo adorable and we hope and pray for the best for the both of them!
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Ohhhh what can I say, I love them all, they're just so sweet!
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AAAAAAW what sweeties! I love your signature picture too!
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Just darling. Thank you for takign good care of these sweet babies!
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