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Frankie hates me now!

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I got the L-Lysine in the tube. It's called enisyl-f.. He is so mad at me he hides under the bed when I come near him!!!! Bless his little heart.... I feel so bad, I would rather try this than give him antibiotics and antihistamines for the rest of his life... I am such a push over and hate it when they get angry with me!!! This stuff is a thick dark brown goo in a tube!!! I don't know how were gonna get through this for a few months, Poor little guy is really going to hate me!
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We had to start giving our Molly a liquid medication when she began having thyroid problems. She DID NOT like it at first and would also run and hide. She eventually got used to it, and treats afterwards always helped.

Good luck, and I hope this helps Frankie
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My boy BC lived a life of meds.
From anti-biotics for chronic UTIs and raccoon attacks to pain pills and appetite stimulants when he had cancer.

At first, he resented all the meds.

Then, I made med time treat and extra lovey time.
It didn't take long before he would actually seek me out at med time, and sit nicely in my lap while he was dosed.

Don't take it too hard, most cats are extremely forgiving if you start to make med time somewhat enjoyable for them.
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My Rocky has herpes too, and we give him lysine. I tried viralys which is also lysine in a gel, and he hated it. It was a yellow color. I was squirting it in his mouth b/c he wouldn't voluntarily eat it. I find it easier to mix up the powder from breaking open some capusles and mixing it in his wet food. The problem with him is that he doesn't always eat it. The only med that I have found that helps him is either predisone pills or an occ trip to the vet for a steriod shot.
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This is another matter but Frankie just got home from emergency trip to vet. I got home tonight and noticed his eye was bloody and hazy. This morning he hid from me, I thought it was because of the l-lysine goo I gave him last night, I thought he was mad at me for that.
Evidently he was hiding because of his eye. The doctor looked at it and he said that the retina looked good, but there is some kind of infection happening. The vet has him on eye drops and the doctor wants to see him tomorrow. Poor little guy!!
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With the gels, I sometimes rub it on the kitty's paw (be sure to rub it in enough that they can't fling it onto the wall). You may also want to look into getting the L-Lysine supplements from a human pharmacy. I discovered that they dissolve in water and are nearly tasteless, so I could syringe a water-lysine mixture into my kitty easier than I could get the gel down his throat. Or, you could mix it with a little cat milk to make a treat.
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I have one cat who LOVES that stuff and one cat who HATES it!! For my girl who didn't like it, I found that wrapping her in a towel, placing her on the bed (or countertop in the bathroom or on top of the washer) helped immensely. I would also get a wet washcloth to have handy to wipe my finger off (& her) and try to give it to her in smaller increments. Usually, it took 3 small squirts of the med on my finger and 3 swipes onto the roof of her mouth for me to get the entire dose down her. I did this twice a day until the med was gone. Not my favorite thing to do, but it worked for me.

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I use the human supplement for my cat. I just bought a pill crusher, and I mix it in to her wet food. She's not a picky eater, so this works well for us.

I agree with the person who said to wrap the cat up to facilitate giving the meds. Make sure you get all the paws in there so they don't get in the way.

Good luck!
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I read about that, and thought it was supposed to taste good to the cat!!! I have tried capsules of L-Lysine from the human health food store, and it has a salty/bitter taste. Garfield tends to avoid any foods I mix it in, and I only add 1/2 capsule per can of food. He is the kitty who needs it most, and the one who eats it the least!

The Lysine will probably help his eye heal, too, so he really does need it. Best of luck getting it into him. Maybe mixed in food?
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You can also sprinkle it on dry food.
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