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advice: barriers?

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Not sure where to put this, so I'll put it here...

As some may have noticed, I'll be moving this summer, from Chicago to Portland, Oregon. Everybody always asks, so my answer is this: lower rent and bigger trees. No, I don't have a job yet, but I'm still searching and applying. the main reason for doignthis now is because of a prissy landlord. Don't ask... if you want the whole rant I'll PM you... but I'm just so tired of dealign with this whole situation... I love Chicago, but it apparently doesn't love me... so I'm going.

Here's where I have a question. I'll end up renting a car, preferably an SUV. i don't have a car here, but will have one shortly after moving there (getting old car back from best friend in Reno). I want to keep my furkids safe in the back of the vehicle. I've looked at cargo nets... nothing just right. i looked onto Drs. Foster and Smith's site and found this: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/Produc...2&N=2002+62745

Which is perfect... I'm just wondering what else may be out there. What options do I have? Anyone here do long distance moves with their furkids?

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i moved from texas to minnesota about 2 months ago i had salem in one carried and ailey in another in the front of the moving truck we stoped every hour and ahalf put them on a leash and let them walk around. they did fine.
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well, despite my money problems, I'll be getting a mover... so moving my stuff isn't an issue... they're handling all of that. I can't unload all my stuff by myself. And, no, I don't really know anyone in Portland... so I can't ask people to help. Besides, it's about the same price to hire this one mover I got a quote from, as it would take to get a truck from THAT place (honestly, I've had problems with their service in the past, so I will try to avoid them at nearly any cost... this company being the one that starts with a 'U')

I also won't fly the cats. What with all the baggage handlers doing harm to pets in cargo holds these days, I'm not taking a chance. So, it's driving. I just need options for keeping the cats safe in back... so no one's getting under the pedals. Also, this way, my plants are safe in front with me. Though I could get rid of my plants... heck, I'm just amazed they're still alive and green.

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My brother has one for his dogs. He loves it. I think it's a great ideal. Allows them to have roaming room without getting in a dangerous place.
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Originally Posted by RubSluts'Mommy
As some may have noticed, I'll be moving this summer, from Chicago to Portland, Oregon. Everybody always asks, so my answer is this: lower rent and bigger trees. No, I don't have a job yet, but I'm still searching and applying.
I am moving from alabama to portland and bringing my cat by car ( I think). it's going to be a long trip and I am seeking the same answers and tips that you are. I considered flying with her while my husband drives but which is worse:. several days driving or a long plane ride. don't their little ears hurt? mine do.
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How are you going to prevent them from jumping out and getting away when you open the back door?
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It would be my opinion to rent a van or a SUV large enough to accomodate a crate big enough for a bed in one end and a litter box in the other. There are travel sized litter boxes out there, or anything of suitable size. I'd use a disposable.

No way would I ever do it with them loose in the vehicle, even behind a cargo barrier. You need to plan for the worst, which means a wreck- and in that (however unlikely) event strangers could be opening doors and out runs a cat.

Also- tape to the windshield a note saying "in the event of an accident please account for X number of cats in crate in rear of vehicle and contact <insert contact information here> if I am unable to care for them".

Preparing for the worst is the very best insurance against having it happen.
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I would use an extra large dog crate instead of letting them loose in the back. If the car doesn't have tinted windows I would get those shades that are made for children to help keep the sun off - the kinda see through ones.

I really like what Cearbhaill said about writing a note with contact info.
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Abigail: the only way I'd fly is if I bought two seats and stashed the cats in two separate carriers under two seats. But i'm traveling alone, and with the exception of the underseat space, the second seat is a waste... i know they wouldn't allow me to keep stuff on the empty seat.
I'm looking at United's site (Southwest does not). United does allow pets in cabin, in approved carriers. As long as they fit under the seat in front of you. There's also a fee. I'm going to call to get an estimate for the price. If I'm lucky, I'll be going to a summer writing session in Minnesota about a month after I move (the original plan was to move at the end of August... but my $%#%%#$@ landlord changed that plan.) I just tried (three times, mind you) to get a live person on United's reservation phones. The online reservation system doesn't allow for pet reservations. It would be cheaper, yes. Then I can afford to buy soft carriers for each of them. I'm thinking the Samsonite ones... I will never, ever put them in the cargo hold, not with all the mishandling going on.

I also have family that would never forgive me if I didn't visit them before leaving the midwest. Even if it is only one night. Maybe I can make a short trip by myself before leaving... hhmmm... only if I do end up flying.

2. for those who suggest crates: I moved from Syracuse to Chicago three years ago with the cats loose in the back of my sedan. They got to enjoy the passing scenery. Whenever I got out of said car, for food or potty breaks, I secured them in their carriers.
All the crates I've seen are to cramped for them... and, yes, I'm looking at the wire dog crates.
As for the back door getting opened and closed... not if i can help it! The back door will be locked... that space will be for them and them alone. All my stuff will be up front, in front of the barrier.

Accidents? I know they can be unavoidable... but I haven't had so much as a speeding ticket since i was 18 (I'm now 33), and am one of THE most cautious drivers on the roadways... doesn't mean i drive like a sleepy turtle, but I'm very alert and have avoided more accidents and mishaps than most. Yes, I know, anything can happen.

Personally, my ideal situation would be to still get an old little yellow school bus, gut it and put a bed and cabinets in it, then have a secure space in the back so they can roam free in the bus... but I can't get my dad 'on board' with the bus plan, even though it'll end up nearly the same costs as renting a car and lodgings... I'd be able to sleep in the bus... I also wouldn't be rushed to make it across 1700+ miles in 7 days. I'd much rather stretch it out... enjoy the trip.

I have some time to decide what to do...

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