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Stopped eating snacks

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I'm not sure if this belongs here or under behavior, but here goes. Every morning before I leave for work & take my son to school, the cats and I have a routine that ends with them getting "treats". I changed the brand one time and now my older female won't go back to the ones she's been eating all along. To make matters worse, I can't find the other brand we tried once. My Oreo has no problem with eating any of them (maybe thats why he's 22lbs?) I always made sure that they had exactly the same amount and he never got to eat her's.

Any suggestions?

BTW = Oreo was almost that big when I got him. When he stands up, he can almost touch my knee with his back. If he stretchs out he's over 30 inches long. I call him my little guy. My little female Mony only ways about 8-10 pounds and she's put on wait since I've gotten them too.
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I would not worry about it - I have yet to find a treat me little one (12 months and 10.5 lbs) eats. No need to get frustrated she'll make up for it by eating more of her regular food. Instead of treats - try petting and praising, I am sure your little one will appreciate this just as much.
Good luck
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