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Catnip Toy Question

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So last Christmas, Oliver got a catnip mouse toy from his kitty sitter... it's maybe 3 inches long made out of leopard print, fuzzy fabric - it came with a tube of catnip and the mouse has velcro on the bottom so you can refill the catnip... well I've NEVER seen Oliver react to catnip the way he does with this toy... my question is: how often should the catnip inside be replaced? I haven't replaced it yet since he first got it (I didn't out the entire tube in the first time - it wouldn't have all fit anyway)... he still goes crazy over it occasionally, but I just don't know how long the effects of the catnip last... also, any tips on getting all (or most) of the old catnip out of it? Thanks!
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I would say when it stops having the same effect on him then it is time to add some more. With these types of toys, I never empty them completely, just hold it over the garbage and whatever comes out comes out and put a little more in.
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i've heard of people storing catnip toys in sealed food bags filled with catnipt to 'marinate' them.
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I have that same exact toy! They love it!

I find the catnip in it does wear out fairly quickly. What I do to refresh it so I don't have to constantly refill it, is to take just a small pinch of the catnip and rub it on both sides of the outside of the toy when I play with them with it, and that seems to get them into it again.

I also keep my catnip in the fridge to not only keep it fresher, but to keep the little naughty things from getting into it, which they do no matter where I keep it. The fridge works best.

And I haven't figured out a way to empty it that works either.
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