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Good brushes V Bad

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HI Group, just need some help finding a good brush brand. I got a small steel brissal brush for my two long haired cats. And it just doesn't seem to take the hair out like it should. I mean they are shedding like crazy. And they are always having problems with their hair matting up. And no matter how many times I comb them the brush never really collects much hair. Is there a good grooming brush out there? I hate that half the time I seem to be cutting out matted hair. And I know they aren't sick or anything. Because their hair shines and they are not showing any type of distress. I think it is just my brush. Also any advise on getting out those mats with out having to shave them. That would be great. Right now they look kind of silly, poor dears. Any advise will be good. Thanks

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perhaps a soft bristled brush designed for human hair with a lot of bristles it it would collect more hair. you can find then in small sized that would be more suitable for a cat.
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zoom groom and a long handled flea comb
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HI Group, I am looking for a good shedding brush for my cats. I have to longhaired cats, and they seem to be shedding all the time. I have a steel headed bristle brush, that just doesn't take out the hair like it should. So I need a brush that really works. I thought with the close bristle it would have been good at taking out the shedding hair. But it barely works. And I am dealing with two cats that are having problems with hair matting up all the time. So it seems I am cutting off more hair then I am saving. Poor dears are looking quite silly. I know they are not sick, for their hair is gleaming with healthiness. And they don't show any signs of distress. I read somewhere that if they are Persian I should have them bathed every week, is that so? I also heard some one on here say not to do that as often. They are not full-blooded Persians; we don't know what the father was. But they sure have thick hair that likes to matt up. Also does any one on here have a good way of getting rid of matted hair? I so afraid of cutting my cat when I use the scissors. That I take so long to get one matt out. Well any help is good help. Thanks

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If they have coat I would find a good steel comb to be much more useful than a brush. I use Warner brand slickers on my client cats on the rare occasions I do use a brush- which is not very often.

On my own cats I find that diet has more influence on shedding than anything else.
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Ditto Zoom Groom, and if you have a problem picking up the loose hair, use a slicker brush for that.
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Both of my cats love the zoom groom...i also use a flea comb..not so well liked...
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The Zoom Groom also massages their skin. My cats love being brushed with it.
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I also use a zoom groom and a brush that has tiny metal bristles. Grizzly is the bad cat in the house for grooming. I have been brushing here alot lately and getting off lots of hair. She does have mats though that I have to cut off-I use a small manicure scissor for that. She's kinda chubby so she has mats! She doesn't like her belly getting brushed. When I had Sheba I could vaccuum her she loved it!!
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Does your brush have a rubber base (where the bristles go into the brush)?? That reallly helps collect the hair and KEEP it in the brush.
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Yes it does, and still the hair just slips through the brush. I really thought it would work. What with the small head, so it can get into small spots. And with the tight bristles I thought nothing would get passed them with out being brushed nicely. But it just seems to brush over the hair, rather then getting in deep and picking out the dead hair. But I did get a strait comb that has a sort of rubber finish. And it seems to be doing a good job. But I am still going to try that zoom groom that they are speaking about on here.
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