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Oh wonderful news

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I'm sitting here grinning my face off! He's such a beautiful cat, and I'm glad he's home.

Give him a few extra treats for me? He sure deserves them!
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HURRAY! HURRAY! What wonderful news!
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I'm so glad he made it home!!!!
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Yay!!!!! Glad to hear that.
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Congrats! I am happy that he returned safely.
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Oh, I am so glad Puffycat is home! He looks like a kitty my Mom had when I lived with her...named Mim when we got there. Then my daughter renamed her Jem. Went to live with my brother, and finally my aunt as Miss Mew! Everyone loved and wanted that cat, and Mom was good enough to share her. She actually was kind of nasty and mean, but in a loveable way (as only nasty cats can be!) LOL!!

Welcome home, Puffycat...stay there safely now, you hear?!?!
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Prayers DO work - at least in Puffycat's sake! I am THRILLED!
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Such good news! I am so glad he will be all right, I had feared the worst, as, I know, had you. welcome home!
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That's wonderful news, and I'm glad he's on the mend. You really must be incredibly relieved.
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I just learned that sweet Puffycat is home.
I am so happy and relieved for you both.:
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I'm SO happy to hear that Puffycat is safe and on the mend. What a wonderful lady to have helped him so much - even if only by not shutting him out!
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Welcome home Puffy!
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I've just caught up on this, Sonia!

I'm so pleased to hear that Puffycat is back home and safe with you! I was thinking about him this morning!
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