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New Bengal baby!!

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Today we went and adopted a bengal cat. Someone near our house was giving their retired Queens and Kings away for free. Sounds crazy eh? We got a marbled female named Wannabe. We are going to change her name to Scarlett. She is so beautiful! We will have her pictures up very soon!
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Oh, lucky you, Vader! I can't wait to see pictures of Scarlet! How old is she? How's she adjusting?
There is a local breeder giving a stud away for free! Pretty, crazy, too!
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She's somewhere in between 10 months to 2 years old. She is adjusting really well! She just went right up on the couch, and cuddled Soon as we get the digicam, we'll post alot of pics of Scarlett!
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I bet she is beautiful! Is she a very vocal? Gee, if I could get a free bengal, that would be awesome! I'd like to own either a silver or a blue bengal someday.
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That's great that you got the kitty you wanted for free!
Just because I am somewhat astonished, this breeder didn't have papers or know how old her cat was? If she was used in the breeding program, I hope she's over 10 months.
If this is the case, I am glad they are giving them up to people who will actually care for them and take care of them properly
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Vader- that is great news. Did these breeders say why they were giving such valuble cats away for free? I bet she is pretty, can't wait to see pics!
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Congratulations on the new cat.
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Lucky you! Can't wait for pics!!
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Lucky Scarlett to have you!

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Color me green with envy over you getting a Bengal. I can't wait to see some pictures!
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The breeder did know how old she is, but we never asked, and he didn't tell us. He was giving them away for free, because he has too many cats. He has 5 bengals, and a whole bunch of DHC's. She looks pretty young, under a year...we are changing her name to Majesty now instead of scarlett
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"Her Royal Majesty?" Can't wait to see pics of this stunning cat!
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I am sure she will be a great addition to your home. I love bengals.
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Congratulations! Its always exciting to get a new cat.
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My mom wants her name to be Queeny, so it's gonna have to be Queen Majesty
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