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Fleas UGH! Need help.

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Hello everyone!

I am a new cat owner. I have had my cat for a little under a year. For the entire time I've had him he has been an indoor cat. He's managed to slip outside a few times while I've had the door open for a second or two but I've brought him right back in without event.

Recently I put my home on the market and despite the signs I put all over the doors and in the home listing, someone let the cat outside. The cat is inside and safe now but unfortunately he came back riddled with fleas. Being a new cat owner I'm super sensitive any time anything looks out of whack with my cat. So I immediately called my Vet and they told me to stop by and pick up a one time pill that was going to "Kill everything on him in 30 minutes" and a package of Frontline.

Well I finally managed to get the pill down my cats throat and despite the 30 minute claim he is still biting, scratching, and looking very uncomfortable. I can still see them on him especially around his face. I put the Frontline on as best I could however I'm still concerned.

Any tips on how to get rid of these things? Am I just being too paranoid?

Thanks for any advice!
Have a great day...
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Call the vet you may need to take kitty in
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Fleas are pretty terrible! Next time you show the house, can the kitty stay with someone nearby so he doesn't get out again? I know it would be stressful for him, but better than fleas again! I don't know anything about frontline, but you should vacuum and wash everything in HOT water as often as possible (sheets, rugs, blankets, etc.)

Also, the cat needs checked for tapeworm since its transmitted by fleas.

Do NOT use anything you buy at the store for fleas. These products are very dangerous.
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I've never heard of a 1-time pill for fleas; maybe it's something new?
The best product I've found for fleas is Revolution; it's a once-a-month product that you apply to the back of your kitty's neck. It also helps with ear mites & ticks. You can only get it from a vet, and it's fairly high-priced (usually around $10-$12 a dose), but it really works. Since you've already used the Frontline (even tho' it sounds as if not all of it got on your cat ) check with your vet before using the Revolution. Also, it will take a good 24-48 hours to take effect, so be patient.
When you vacuum (really good!), don't empty the vacuum in the house or the fleas will still be hanging around. If your vac has a bag, get rid of it immediately. And, as a previous post said, wash what you can, then vacuum what you can't wash.
If the infestation is really bad, I buy flea collars, cut them into 3 or 4 pieces & tuck them into chair cushions, too.
Good luck!
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I used fleas brush and fleas sampoo 11yrs ago when I first got my cats. I know it is old school but I remember I killed all of them in 2days.
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I purr-fur Advantage for fleas!
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The pill was probably Capstar. I haven't had any problems with it, and it can be given much more frequently than the other flea treatments; however, since it only kills the adult fleas on your pet at the time it is given, it won't manage a flea problem. The Frontline should definitely help, but it will probably take a few months to get rid of the fleas entirely, especially since we are entering spring/summer (aka flea season). My vet does offer a treatment for the house called Knockout. You would need to be able to remove the cat from the house for a couple of hours after spraying until the sprayed areas dry.
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They also have those misting bombs, which are probably the best, although you and your cat will have to leave the house for a few hours.

then you might try a flea collor, and perhaps a flea bath. Also ask in the pet store if they might have some kind of soothing bath for her skin.

If you have any hot spots, spots where she is constantly licking or biting at, which might be just leftover from when she did have the fleas and is still bothering her, try some neosporin plus (the one with pain killer) or some over-the-counter cortizone cream. That might help her discomfort a bit, and the vets have told me here those are okay to use 2x day.
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The vet probably gave you Capstar. It works withing the hour to kill the fleas present at that time. I believe the Frontline will take care of the eggs and everything. But they are still probably in your carpet and throughout your home. You will need to flea bomb your house then treat the cat again (with vet recommendations on how to do that) If your cat will vet you, bathe him first with dishsoap and use a flea comb, then when he dries, apply the Frontline, Revolution or Advantage. Then continue to comb him for fleas. Retreat him with the flea drops every month.
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First off, thanks for all the great tips and hints everyone. They are much appreciated!

A couple hours after I gave Soje' the one time pill thing, the fleas were literally falling off of him. I washed everything that Soje's had been on or close to, then I dang near vacuumed the wheels off my vacuum both yesterday and today. I'm also going to pick up a bomb tomorrow and let that rip just in case because those little demons are persistent.

Soje's is doing much better, he hasn't scratched at all today and is his normal playful self.

Thanks again everyone!
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