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~Organic Household Cleaners~

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Does anyone know where I can buy good organic household cleaners?

Or even some good websites where I can find receipes for "make-it yourself" natural cleaners?!?

I really want to stop using harsh chemical cleaners that you buy in a store. All those chemicals CANNOT be good for you!

Does anyone else use organic household cleaners? Do they work well?
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I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but here's a link to a site about using vinegar as a cleaner. http://www.superbherbs.net/sec6.htm And you'll see there are many other uses for vinegar as well.
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I've gotten catalogs for those-did you check any health food stores??
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Have you ever seen this brand?


This is what I use at home, they make everything.
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Heloise had a column recently about a good make it yourself cleaner. The ingredients were as follows:

one half cup of white vinegar
one pint rubbing alcohol
one teaspoon dishwashing liquid
water added to make a gallon

You can buy most of this stuff organically and make it on your own.

I googled and found this website: http://earthnotes.tripod.com/clnrecipes.htm

I'm also quite partial to Method products. They aren't organic, but they aren't bad for you. I can use them without gloves and a mask, which is more than I can say about the harse products you get at a grocery store. Target sells Method. If you have a health food store near by check them out. I used to use this orange cleaner that worked really well, which I've found at every health food shop I've been to: http://www.shopnatural.com/Merchant2...duct_Code=8817

Also check out Seventh Generation: http://www.seventhgeneration.com/

They make cleaners, toilet paper, paper towl, maxi pads, you name it.
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I've bought natural stuff through coops and heath food stores, but you can also get them through the internet.
I'm a big believer in baking soda as a natural smell reducer.
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You have to be REAL careful with cats as they are so senstive and things like Essential Oils are so dangerous. I am trying to learn how to use only Baking soda and vinegar for 2 cleaning things. Here are a couple of links:




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