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Uninterested in Cat grass

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First, I'm not completely sure this is the correct forum for this, so move it if needed!

I'm posting this on behalf of my grandmom actually (I've told her about this site like a million times, but I don't think she's actually searched around here yet)... she's currently living with my aunt (long story there - the cliff notes: my grandfather left her for another woman)... between them they have a white, completely deaf adult female cat, Princess Maple (she's my aunt's), and 2 orange kittens that are brothers, Nip and Tuck (my grandmom's - they look like my Ollie).... well the kittens are just plain bad with stealing food and jumping on things, etc (I've told her yet again to look here for solutions to those problems) but one of the biggest problems is all 3 of the cats eating their house plants (and they have a lot of house plants, haha).... when they first told me about this I immediately said "pick up some oat grass seeds and grow them pots of it and they'll leave your house plants alone"... so my grandmom went on to www.poopsiecat.com (where I get my seeds from as well) and ordered some back in January... well she called yesterday and said she's going to give me the rest of her seeds at Easter because all three of the cats are COMPLETELY uninterested in the cat grass and continue to munch on house plants...

so the ultimate question here is, is there a way to make the cat grass more appealing or atractive to these cats so they stay away from the house plants? Right now they have like foil and sticky tape and red pepper and every home remedy surrounding their house plants to keep the cats out, so I told her I'd ask here for any suggestions before she hands over her leftover grass seed to me (Oliver has always loved his cat grass, so I really had no immediate suggestions for her).... thanks in advance y'all!
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I don't know why they wouldn't like the catgrass. Maybe they know its for them so it isn't as fun! Do they dig in the dirt of the houseplants, and if so is there dirt around the catgrass too? Zissou is more interested in the dirt than the plant...
She could try making the plants hanging plants or putting them up high. Make sure the catgrass is appealing to them, easily accesible, not near their boxes or their food / water, etc.
Sounds like you will just have to try different things and see what works!
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Put all the plants somewhere the cats can't get at them, and then they'll get interested in the cat grass.
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It's possible they just don't like cat grass, 2 of mine don't eat it.
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both cats ignored the stuff. I gave it to my birds...they seem quite happy with it.
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