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Mittens and Outside

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My cat Mittens found out that it's not fair that Alex (dog) gets to go outside and he cant. He's been outside a couple times but now he sits at the door meowing until someone will open the door. He is quick to get out when someone comes in and out. I had a collar on him with is name and the phone number but that somehow he got stuck in his mouth the other night and was flipping out. That's the second collar he's had. Is there a certain kind of collar that he wouldnt be able to get stuck in his mouth like that?
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There are the kinds of cat collars that have a "breakable" clasp on them. It will break-away if the cat gets it stuck on something.

Make sure that Mittens has been fixed too, if he's allowed to play outside!
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You need to make it just a bit tighter - don't forget that under all that fur is a pretty skinny neck, but the best idea is a 4-point harness, the kind where there's a neck piece, but also another one that goes around behind their front legs, attached to the neck part by a short piece on the back and the lead is attached by a clip on that part, not around the neck. Any pet store should have them, in lots of sizes, but try to find one that has proper buckles, and not just the kind that slips into the buckle with no 'tongue' piece to hold it.
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First of all if he's not neutered he shouldn't be going out at all. You should consider getting him a harness and leash, it takes a little training but my cats love it. They go out the same time each day and don't meow at the door at all.
Also you need to get a break-away collar for him.
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He's neutered and declawed. I'm going to try that break-away collar and hope that will work. It was scary that night the other collar got stuck in his mouth, he was making choking noices and I thought he'd stop breathing. Thanks
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Beastie Bands are wonderful! That is what I have for Marlee, and they don't bother her at all. If you do a search on the site you will find some threads with links to websites where you can order them. First thing I've ever really ordered off the internet, and I love them! The reason they are so great is they are very soft material so they don't irritate the kitty, they are velcro so it will come of if it gets stuck on something (or in the kittys mouth), plus one size fits all! You just cut it to size before you put it on.
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If he is declawed you do not want him to be outside without supervision. If you really think he should have time outside - train him on a harness to walk around outside when the dog is out.
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Mittens why is your kitten declawed. We dont do this in Britain, considered cruel. I certainly wouldn't have it done to mine. If I was fussy or anything about furniture, then I wouldn't have cats. Had them all my life though and would never be without one.
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