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We just got new doors and windows installed upstairs, so I had some major cleaning to do yesterday afternoon. Today I made up some tests for school, cleaned the downstairs, did some grocery shopping and laundry, and then watched "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" - just got the DVD. Tomorrow I have to go to my in-laws', and catch up on emails and phone calls.
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Argh! We decided to put off our Tulip festival drive untill tomorrow, as it is pouring down rain today. Tomorrow is supposed to be only "scattered showers." We'll see what they mean by that. If it's just overcast, it still should be good pic weather.
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so far i have watched a movie with cheyenne (who is now at grandmas and papaws) i took out all the pieces of my huge old desk and 3 boxes of trash along with 4 garbage bags i guess that progress lol of course im sitting here at the computer when i should be going through the remainig 15 boxes lol
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Havent done too much this weekend. Took my pup, Amy, to the vet this morning for her cold.....and they put her on some meds, and gave her some shots. Other than that, not alot going on here We might do a cook out tonite at my brothers house later tonite!
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Originally Posted by marie-p
Be sure to take lots of pictures!!!
Especially of the cat sanctuary. Although the dancing might be interesting too

My weekend isn't very exciting. I'm writting a research essay. With some luck, I might have some time tomorow to go rollerblading (or at least to attempt to).
I did take some pictures, at our friends sanctuary that is , they are posted in the section with Amber, Boris, Carmelo and Nakoma. I should have taken some at The Chamber as well
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