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Adonis was a feral kitten who was taught to love and trust humans by CATALES the sister organization of Helping Paws. Adonis was named because he was so beautiful the gods and goddesses loved him. He was adopted by a young woman who lived with a roommate. When there was a disagreement between the two women, one left, stealing Adonis in her duffel bag. This morning the front page of the New Britain Herald carried this story:

Staff Writer

BERLIN -- A 19-year-old Newington woman and two of her friends are facing animal cruelty charges for allegedly torturing her roommate's cat at Silver Lake in February.

Jill Mazurek, 19, of 38 Harding Ave., Newington, was arrested Friday for cruelty to animals and conspiracy to commit criminal trespass in the third degree. According to reports that The Herald viewed Thursday, the woman was angry with her roommate and took one of her two cats which she subsequently subjected to a vicious attack while two male friends watched.

She reportedly shaved the cat and then wrote on its body with a magic marker. She then took the animal to Silver Lake where she beat it with a log. She then threw the animal in the lake several times, but the cat swam back to shore.

She allegedly proceeded to beat the cat with a log again and grabbed it by the tail and smashed it against some rocks until it bled from its eyes and nose. She then stuck its headand began hitting the cat with beer bottles until it stopped making noise and she presumed it was dead. She poked it to make sure it was dead and then she threw the cat between some rocks and a Porto potty.

Michael Pajak, 19, of 154 Webster Court, Newington and Michael Oziomek, 19, of 22 Longview Drive, Newington were also arrested. Both men were charged with the same charges as Mazurek, but Mazurek's bond was set at $10,000, while Pajak's bond was set at $7,500 and Oziomek at $5,000. Police reports state that both Pajak and Oziomek watched as Mazurek assaulted the cat. Police refused comment as all affidavits were sealed by the court.

The police report states that the area was searched in mid-April, but the cat was never found. Officials say when confronted, the woman signed a sworn statement admitting to the incident, but felt she had done nothing wrong. According to animal control officer Jan Lund, this is the worst case of animal abuse in Berlin in many years.

©The Herald 2002
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The death of Adonis haunts us and we don't want his death to be in vain. Animal abusers are seldom punished harshly and this will probably not be any different - but I would ask anyone who would be willing to take the time to write to the New Britain State's Attorney, please do so and ask for the maximum penalty. We will try to fight for better laws to protect animals like Adonis.

I know I have not posted in a long time but I wanted to share this story with so many of you I know to be true cat lovers. Please take the time to write your letter - we want Adonis to rest in peace.
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This is horrible and disgusting!!!! This woman who tortured and killed an innocent animal just because she was mad at its owner could eventually do something horrible to a child!!!! I will be more than happy to write a letter requesting the maximum penalty. Is there an address we could send our letters to?
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Poor little Adonis, he didn't do anything to deserve such terrible suffering!!!!!
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I just sat here reading this with tears streaming down my face. I can't believe the cruelty of some people! That POOR POOR cat did NOTHING to deserve this!!! He fought so bravely for his life, swimming back to shore several times, although he had been beaten....if I could get my hands on this woman right now, she would wish to high hell she had NEVER done it!!!!! I could go into graffic detail of what I would do to this woman, but I won't. I am just really really pissed off and hurt right now.
And still crying.
Please post the address where we can write and maybe give us an idea of how to word our replies to them...I am not very good at this, but I want to help. Is there an e-mail address?
I am sooo angry right now....
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How disgusting! Just because she got mad at the roomate is no reason to .... I'm not even going to go there . Well Adonis is playing on Rainbow Bridge right now with the other cats and dogs. Can I have the address too? I want them to know that Adonis's death was not in vain. He was loved by someone i'm sure.
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Rene was going to post this tomorrow, she has been at Pet Co all day doing an adoption day. I figured I would get the address for everyone for her.

State's Attorney
20 Franklin Square New Britain, CT 06051
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Thank you for posting the addy, Sandie. I will be writing a letter too. I wish prisoners treated animal abusers the same way they treat child abusers in prison. At least then they would know what it feels like to truly be tortured.
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Thanks for posting that Sandie! And do you know if there is an e-mail address as well?
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I just can not believe some people. I really can not put into words how I feel about people like that. I plan to write a letter.
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Thats disgusting! I would really love to torture the people that do this to poor helpless animals. Poor Adonis. At least he is happy with all the other kitties on the Rainbow Bridge.
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Thank you everyone who said they would write - as to what to say - just whats in your heart - she should get the maximum penalty and do some jail time. Oh, and the jail she would be going to has some real animal lovers there as they have a program where the inmates raise dogs to become assistance dogs. I think she would have a memorable time if she actually does any jail time at all. We are all striving to make sure she does.
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