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Chirrup Noise when pouncing?

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Well, my foster feral Princess Miew Miew, does
something I've never seen any cat do before. She
makes this sort of wierd chrruup noise when she gets
excited and pounces on her "prey" (a little pom pom
tied to a string).

She picks it up (the prey) and walks around
with it in her mouth (adorable!!)

Does any one elses cat chirrup when he she pounces or
is excited in some way? I have also noted that she
seems to "spray" (back up to something and then the
tail quivers, and the back feet sort of "dance" - really
very cute!) I think she does this when she is excited
or happy.

She has a very Siamese purrsonality in general.
(talks but very softly, uses her paws alot to "grab"
things and organize them, taps me with paws
when she wants something from me,
and looves being up high..backs of chairs, countertops
and fridge....) Also loves to watch water
out of the kitchen faucet.

Also she has incredibly allowed
me to put her into a harness!! Almost no cat
I know will allow that and for a feral, well!!
That's trust!

(although she bit the leash and tried to wiggle out of the
harness at first. But she didn't seem *scared*
or upset like my other domestic cats have been
when we tried leash/harnesses on them.)
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My Ailey very rarely meows she always chirps i think alot of cats chirp its so adorable though isn't it lol love that little noise!
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Mia chirps all the time as well as meowing. She also dances when she's about to pounce. What kills me is when she's laying on the floor all sprawled out and she swipes at me or my boyfriend when we walk by. she doesn't to it with her claws out so I assume she is just tryint to get our attention.
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Tiger chirps when he's playing. I love it.
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Zissou hardly meows. She chirps, chatters, chirrups, screams(accidentally caught her tail), barks like a small dog, whines. The only time she meows is at the door if she wants to go for a walk, and when she wants me to wake up. (on a harness, too, and she was a feral kitten). The chirp / whirring noise is her most common though.
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Like this kind of a noise??

That's a very common hunting noise for cats. Every cat I've had makes the noise, mostly at birds & squirrels.

It's very entertaining!!
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Originally Posted by CurlyQ629
Like this kind of a noise??

That's a very common hunting noise for cats. Every cat I've had makes the noise, mostly at birds & squirrels.

It's very entertaining!!
Thats too funny! Tripod does something similar, but not quite as loud. He usually does it if he's after something.

Oliver makes the chirrup sound when I tell him to get off the table/counter, etc. i think he's talking back to me.
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mine's a chirper too.
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That video is hilarious...
But her bark sounds even more like a bark than that, that noise sounded alot like her regular chatter at the birds outside.
If you watch the video and then think deeper pitch, almost like you are adding a bit of a cough to it. It's not a cough, or a hairball noise, that is just the best way I can describe it.
And she only does it in the dark??
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I love that sound.
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We have a chirper, too. Ironicly, her name is Tweety bird, and we call her "Bird" (I bet the neighbors think I'm nuts "Here Bird!" ) She makes this sound the most too, but my other 3, hardly at all ! I also have a "meeper". She is my bottle baby and she doesn't like to get in the bed until all the lights are out, so she sits on my night stand and nods in and out (sitting up, eyes open, eyes shut... tipping to one side and then the other ) and periodicly meeps (meeep,meep,mmmmeeepp ). She's made that noise since she was 3 weeks old when she gets tired!
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Rocky chatters sometimes at the laser pointer if its on the ceiling, or if he is trying to catch a bug. Zakk chirps or trills sometimes to announce himself when he jumps on the bed. Suzie makes all sorts of little high pitched noises when she is playing, but they are so soft I can't figure out what they are.
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Tuffy chirps when watching the birds, but only at the larger birds. He goes nuts at Robins near the bird feeder which is near or bedroom window. I have never heard him chirp at anything else.
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My Hannah does this squeaky trilling thing as well as meows, especially when she wants her food! It almost sounds like she's asking a question!! She doesn't chirp a lot, but I have heard her "talking" to the birds!

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Fuzz used to be a chirrerper, but I used to think it sounded more like a dove cooing, so I used to call it Kitten Coos.

It was a similar sound if he saw something like a mouse or a moth (especially a moth) but louder and more intense, so I used to call it Counting Kitten Coos.

When i'd tell him I loved his kitten coos, he's start purring like crazy. I miss him lots.
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