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Originally Posted by batgirl2good
CIRIE deserved the car! She was so good to everyone, and I am happy for her.
I was happy that she won the car too, but I don't entirely agree. She was good to everyone to their faces, but she did a lot of scheming behind their backs to get them voted off. Shane thought that he & Cirie were best buds & she turned on him.

She is very likeable though... I love her smile!
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Originally Posted by Catkiki
It is going to be in the Cook Islands, named after Captain Cook. Gonna be great!!
SOunds like a pirate adventure one
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was it just me or did cirie look like she had lost weight? I thought she looked so good. Her husband is such a great guy also, kinda reminds me of my hubby, when I got home today he had cleaned entire kitchen, including scrubbing floor on hands and knees, made bed, did laundry, all so I didn't have to do work tonight.
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psjaunti: my hubby does that for me too. one night i got of work early and come home and he was in the middle of clean and said that i killed the suprize and that i had to stay in the bed room until he was done. he made me my fav meal and had candles and flowers. my kitty was a suprize as well i told him i wanted one and then i came home from work one friday to find a kitty laying in my bed... i love him so much. he is great
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I was happy that Aras won. I like Terry for a while because he was the underdog, but started to dislike him when he started acting all cocky to Aras about how he was more mature with age and how his wife was more important than Aras' mom. Yah, I was kinda bummed that Cirie didn't make it to the final three - Danielle didn't really have an interesting personality. And I agree - I definately noticed that Cirie lost weight! I thought for sure that Jeff was going to comment on it, but then realized that it might be kind of rude...

Can't wait for the next season!
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