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So I called Whitey's previous owner...

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Let me just start off by saying this: I am so glad that we took in Whitey.

I called his previous owner last night, to let her know that Whitey's doing OK and adjusting really well. I had taken some pictures and was going to offer to email them to her. This is how the conversation started:

*ring* *ring*
Her: Hello?
Me: Hi is ***** there?
Her: This is.
Me: Hi, ***** this is Jenney. I'm the person that adopted Matty [what she called whitey previously]
Her: Doctor who?
Me: Matty, adopt-ed Matty.
Her: Who?
Me: You cat?!
Her: Oh! Hi.

Then the rest of the conversation she just seemed indifferent about how he was doing. Granted I'll give her the benefit of the doubt that I caught her at an odd time, but still...if I gave up one of my cats, I'd be waiting for that phone call. If it were an odd time for me, i just wouldn't pick up the phone.
In the end, I didn't offer to send pictures to her. I know its not polite, but the feeling I got from the conversation, Whitey was just an accessory to her.
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Thats a shame. At least he's in a caring home now.
I felt like this about the home I got Sleeves from and the home I got Nismo from. The reason being their cats had so many litters that they did not become attached anymore.
The lady we got Sleeves from was a drunk and when Mark called her back to say he was ok she had no idea who he was.
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At least you care! It's great to be able to give cats a good home, where they're more than just an accessory. Shame there are just too few homes like this for all the cats in the world.
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Thats sad It's such a relief knowing he's in safe hands

Lauren i didn't know that about your two cherubs
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Well, he is where he belongs now! Just be happy that you got him out of there!
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That is such a shame!!, there are some people out there that don't feel the way us on TCS feel about our cats...it's so good that he is with you now
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Thanks everyone!

I know, I felt so bad for him, that I went home and gave him a big hug!

Pombina, that's so horrible about Sleeves! I'm so glad that you were able to take him in.
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Yeah, I never like speaking to previous owners of the animals various people in our family have adopted... sometimes you have to wonder why they ever got the animal in the first place.
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Well, that just confirms that Whitley is right where he should be.

I called Oliver's previous owner on his birthday every year. I adopted him as a kitten from an aquaintance. For the first few years she was suprised, but seemed happy to hear from me. The fourth year she seemed indifferent. I kind of felt like I was bothering her, so that was my last call.
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