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Speaking of Irresponsible Pet Owners....

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I will comment later, once I have myself composed!!
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Sarah where did this come from?. I know the Guardian is a British newspaper.

If you ask me these are trolls on paper because they sound like they just want to get cat lovers hackles up
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It's from the Guardian blog site (a sideline to the paper).

I know what you mean about feeling as though they are trolls of it, but the guy who wrote it is actually a known journalist!!!!
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MsMoss gave a good reply though!.

And i think you can safely say that when more cat lovers read that fur will fly ok!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
MsMoss gave a good reply though!!
I was thinking the exact same thing as that poster before I read her reply.

How could a known newspaper condone this sort of thing... and even "I" know of the guardian
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Yeah, she definitely did!! I truely can't fathom why the Guardian would actually allow their 'good name' to accompany this 'article'

I wonder what the RSPCA would say if they knew of the contempt this man has for his pets?!!!
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I honestly wouldn't read any of those posts because their only going to chew you up.

For me these people posting about how bad cats are know what buttons their pressing, and they know they'll get a reaction from cat lovers everywhere.
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I only read a few of the replies, life is too short to waste on reading stuff like that. What a lot of sad people there are who have never learned to appreciate the finer points of cat companionship!
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Is it April Fool's Day in England yet? I'm not sure of the time difference. Either way, I think that this is a very poor attempt at humor. Real or not. The most sensible thing I heard anyone respond (didn't read very far) was "Why'd you get cats?" Doh!
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No, we still have over 7 hours to go yet.

Sad bunch what they are.
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Oh my word that is horrendous.
I too only read a few of the responses as I'm at work but someone said, instead of whinging about it, take the cats to a shelter so they can go to loving homes (or something along those lines) I agree, the sooner they are away from this person the better. And the things the cats are doing are not even bad!!!!!
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I'm hoping it is a bad April Fool's joke. The sad thing is that at least some of those comments against cats aren't from people who would be in on the "joke", if it is one.

Earl found the "first review" of the new Guns n Roses CD that has been 15 years in the making (and has been pushed back multiple times). He found it on Wednesday...and it was an April Fool's joke. People apparently don't get it that April Fool's jokes are only supposed to happen ON April 1st.
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If this was meant to be funny - it wasn't. The writer comes across as whiny and ignorant, more than anything else.
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The guy is whacked. I hope theres a cat friendly person somewhere in the household.
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That was a bit too tongue-in-cheek not to be an April Fool's joke.
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Oh my, where to start?
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I had to stop reading at the point where one person offered to drown them in a fishbowl....
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I think that person needs some of the "medicine" they want to give to their cats. What an idiot.
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the line "as soon I've settled at my keyboard to resume composing superior popular fiction" makes me think that is the sign that this story is made up. Why? I don't know. But I don't know that I believe it as a true story.
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Originally Posted by menagerie mama
I had to stop reading at the point where one person offered to drown them in a fishbowl....
SOME people will say ANYTHING to get a rise out of people. The article about the cat who chased people and now has to be kept inside ------ you should have read what people on the discussion board said - even about what they would do if their own cats did that!

Sometimes it is just better NOT to read things! TRUST ME! I KNOW! <sigh>
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I hate the Guardian, even as "joke" this is not funny.

I liked this comment:
What about your children? (Your biog says you have six). Don't they have any fondness for their pets? If they do, they probably don't want you to have them killed to ease your pocket. And if they don't, then I suspect they've probably picked that up from you. For your sake I hope your kids aren't so heartless and pennypinching when you're old and incontinent!
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