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Two Preggers,,,,Two Fleas?

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I recently rescued two pregnant kitties from a friend, and they were outside cats so they most likely have fleas....Since they are pregnant I was wondering if it would be a bad idea if I gave them both something like advantage for the fleas before they give them to all the kittens?!!! Lemme KNow!!!
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My Advantage box says to consult a vet before using on pregnant or nursing animals.

I would definitely follow that advice before trying anything at all.

And bless your kind soul for taking the responsibility of 2 pregnant cats and their kittens. They are very lucky to have you in their lives!
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You should consult with your vet before using ANY flea treatment on a pregnant cat. While there may be advice on the Internet that the spot-on flea treatments are safe for pregnant or nursing queens, your vet is the best resource for these questions.
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I just wanted to add that my pregnant stray (now our forever furball) showed up on our doorstep with a mild problem with fleas. I have no idea how ling she was outdoors, but I did notice some scratching and saw a few fleas. I had the same concerns as you.

My vet thought that since the flea problem wasn't severe, it would be better to keep changing her bedding often (washing everything in HOT water), comb her for fleas often and to NOT use any medications until the kittens were weaned, unless it became a serious infestation. I thought it would just get horrible in the weeks I had to wait.

It really didn't. I have no idea why. She had the kittens and every now and again, I would comb them all for fleas and only found a few here and there. I finally did treat them all when they were old enough and have not had any problems since.

I actually wonder if her constantly cleaning the kittens actually killed them off fast enough for it not to become a real problem, I don't know...just a theory.

Regardless, it's best to ask your vet for advice in your particular situation. Your vet may have a different approach. Just wanted to share my experience.
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Based on this information, Revolution or Advantage should be considered perfectly safe. Frontline is probably safe as well (it's the same insecticide used on fruits and vegetables), but since it has not been tested on pregnant cats and Revolution and Advantage have been, it makes sense to go with one of them.
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Thanks you guys! I will
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