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Recapturing a TNR-cat?

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How is it you who know:

Capture a feral to TNR is one.

1. But if you after a while see it needs new surgery or medic attention and must capture the cat again. How is it going??

Isnt much more difficult next time? As they usually dont fell in the same trap twice?

2. How are they to their helpers (who did catched them and took them to the vet) after returning?? Do they lose the trust?

(asking, In Sweden is TNR very unusual, 2 common questions are these)
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In my experience once you have traped a freal you will never trap it again. When I was first taught how to trap we were told to let any nursing moms go that we caught well, I never ever trapped those girls again. Now I just hope for the best and get them back as soon as they are fully awake.
There are a few that will go into the trap EVERY time and then you have to put them in a cage untill you are done trapping for the day.
If you can get close enough to the cats you can use a fishing net to get them.
Some of them will take the trapping in stride and others will take a long time to get to trust you again.
Some of them mercenary when they are sick and will act tame so you take care of them untill they feel better.
Good luck with helping the cats and keep up the good work!
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1. It depends on the cat. Some will do anything for a bite of tuna and these guys you can trap again and again even when you are trying to trap someone else! Others are much more wary. There are tricks that can be used to capture even the most elusive cats, and they usually work sooner or later.

In general, though, re-trapping cats for subsequent medical care is not part of the consideration with TNR. The primary goal is to do what is practical and possible to improve the cats' quality of life and to prevent further growth of the population. Sterilizing and one round of vaccines goes a long way toward accomplishing this. Anything beyond that is extra and falls outside the realm of TNR itself.

2. Somewhat. It is not unusual for cats to disappear for a few days after being returned. But it's not long before things are back to normal. Over time, the bond between cats and caregivers actually becomes stronger because without the distractions of reproductive behavior, food becomes a higher priority for the cats which leads to a stronger bond with the human who takes care of them.
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