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Originally Posted by poohandwendy
i would do the same thing.

It will be an uphill, time consuming battle, but I think I would try to give her a chance...it sounds like she is a fighter. Make sure she stays warm...and if you have a chance, read the link I posted on page 3..the kitten rescue site. It had really good info about preemies and keeping them warm, fed, hydrated, etc. If she doesn't make it, well...then, it was meant to be. But I can understand you wanting to try.

Good luck to her and you. I really am praying hard for you both.

And rest in peace to the other 3 sweet angels who passed

I agree 100% with the above. Keeping her in my prayers as well. My Thomasina was the fiercest of her litter, no one got in her way when she wanted to eat. I wish for your little one to be as fierce and determined, and that she be able to make it.
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I am so very sorry! I know how sad it is for me to lose a foster kitten...that is so multiplied when you have been planning these babies for so long! I know you loved them before they were even conceived!

I do believe Meeka will be just fine...thankfully you got her to the vet (or the vet to her!) right away! Bless her little wild paws...she had such lovely little ones, too!

Prayers that the last kitten will keep eating and stay strong. Prayers that you find peace about your loss of the siblings.
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After reading more from 'kitten rescue', a few things of importance they suggest that might really increase her chances:

Premature kittens need to be kept warmer than full term kittens:

Birth to 3 weeks: 95 degrees (35C)

3-4 weeks: 85 degrees (30C)

Over 4 weeks: 80 degrees (27C)

Because these kittens need to be kept very warm, it is important that they stay well hydrated. Give 1ml of boiled, cooled water after every feed using a syringe (without the needle), feeding slowly. Increase this to 1½ml at 10 days.
A premature kitten requires feeding as often as every 1-2 hours in his first week to ten days of life. This can be very tiring but it is the only way to ensure that the kitten receives the nutrition he needs. His formula needs to be diluted, as his immature digestive system cannot yet handle full-strength formula. Make up the formula as directed and then add another ¼ of the amount of boiled, cooled water to dilute the formula. The kitten will take only 1-2ml per feed, as his stomach is very small. As he grows, he will take a little more formula at each feed.

Premature kittens sometimes experience problems having bowel motions, as their bowels are often underdeveloped and uncoordinated. Just as with full-term kittens, premature kittens should have a bowel motion at least once every two days. Sometimes, even a cotton ball can be too rough for the delicate skin around his bottom. Instead, get a small stream of warm water going at the sink, place his bottom in the stream and using your other hand, stimulate him with the index finger. Make sure your nails are short. Sometimes kittens will not produce a bowel motion if they feel that the cotton ball or tissue you are using is too harsh on their bottom. Your finger is the softest thing you can use to stimulate him. Dry him well and make sure he doesn't become chilled.

If the kitten becomes restless and cranky or his abdomen looks distended or bloated, he may be constipated. Go to this link and follow the advice on what to do if your kitten is constipated.

You can also use a massage technique to try and get his bowels moving. After a feed, lay him on his back and gently massage his abdomen in small circles with your thumbs. Massage his tummy and sides, right up near his spine. What you're doing is mimicking the peristaltic (wave-like) motion that the stomach and bowels use to move the food along. You need to do this for as long as he'll let you. Make sure you massage close to his anus with your thumbs so it begins to connect with the messages from the bowels. Finally, take his little back legs and alternately straighten and bend each one in a cycling motion.

If the kitten still doesn't have a bowel motion, he needs to see a vet. The vet can give the kitten an enema, which is often a successful way of relieving the blockage. Some kittens will need several enemas until their bowels start working properly. Never try to give the kitten an enema yourself.
Best of luck to you and the wee one!
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I will see what I can do. I can't regulate heat, other than just giving her a heating pad. But I will feed every 1-2 hours and maybe when mom lets down her milk she might suckle but I don't think she will be strong enough for a few days.

She just had another kitten. Unfortunatley this one did not make it. It was really hard for her to deliver too, I had to help her.
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SB, you can only do what you can do, the rest will be up to her. Sorry for my multiple postings, I just can't get the 'wee fighter' out of my mind. Only trying to give you some helpful info. (not trying to be pushy)

I am so sorry to hear that Meeka has had such a hard time of it. Sometimes there are no good answers only lots of heartbreaking questions.

Again, you are all in my thoughts and prayers!
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Oh no, I am so sorry. When we first started posting, you were saying how we were in the same boat, being excited and still waiting. Seems so sureal! I hope you do try to save the little girl, my vet didn't think my little kitten would live but she did. Some people don't think you should save them and let nature take it coarse but I think if it is meant to be then it will no matter how hard you try, so she worth the little boost if it will save her.

I hope every one who thinks they should allow their "pretty cat with nice personalities have just one litter" has read this, and the last few posts of people who have lost kittens. There is a lot that can go wrong with pregnancies and deliveries. It is a lot of stress when these things happen. unless your cat was a pregnant stray or you are a registered breeder it is better to spay your cat then let her get pregnant. Like so many on this site has said, there are a lot of pregnant cats needing rescueing and those kittens will need homes.
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I'm so very sorry you and Meeka lost her darling little ones. When you feel ready, perhaps you would want to honor them in CTB. Bless you for your determination to save this precious little girl! You and she are in my prayers, and I'm sending loads of strength to you both!.
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Natalie, I am wishing you the best of luck with this little girl - I hope that you can save her, I know you will do the best that you can!

Sending loads of prayers and vibes your way - good luck!
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Awww you, Meeka and the rest of the fam is in my prayers!
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Maybe if the baby tries to suckle the milk will come down. I hope things look up. Please do what your heart feels. I will pray for you and Meeke.
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I am so sorry to hear about Meeka's precious babies. Bless you for trying so hard to save the remaining one.
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SolarityBengals, this has been a very tragic and utterly heartbreaking experience. I am so very sorry you've had to go through this. I sincerely hope the little one makes it, but no matter the outcome, I feel confident that you did everything you could do to ensure the best outcome possible.

Healing hugs,

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