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hunting cat

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I have a lovely, active 6 year old moggy who has proudly brought home a shrew every night this week.

He has obviously found a convenient nest in our new home (10th month here). He used to do this occasionally but he has recently been very dedicated.

I really want to stop him as I think he is linking it to my behaviour. I usually put him out of the door with the mouse but one night he bit off a head and left the body on the floor, I threw him out and cleaned up the mouse. This was the start of the nightly event! Did I somehow tell him I accepted the act by taking the mouse this time? How can I undo it or tell him I don't need any more thank you very much?

Keeping him in is not an option he enjoys his evenings out and it would not be fair to limit his freedom.

Help please!

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You could try putting a bell on his collar. Although, some cats will learn how to move w/o making the bell jingle:. It is worth a try!

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The cats that live with me are all indoor only cats so I don't have this problem but my cat Benny who lives with my dad is an inside/outside cat who loves to hunt. I haven't found anything to stop him, he just loves to do it and sometimes he'll leave pieces of mice or birds on the walk way.

Although last summer he was hunting more often and it got to the point that 3 times in one day I saw him attacking something. He also couldn't get enough to eat so I checked his bum and sure enough he had tapeworms. After I wormed him I stopped seeing him grab things but I'm sure he caught a mouse here and there.
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Even though my cats have their cat enclosure to hang out in, they still manage to bring me a present now and then. Just the other day, Spot brought me a flying roach......Ack!

Spot was very proud of that roach, I think he thought it was a bird. Why not? It had wings - that counts! However, I went screaming and running the other way. He was so excited and proud he followed me with that @#$% roach until I finally gathered the since to run out to the cat enclosure, where Spot's roach made it's escape.

At least it wasn't water fowl....a snake.....or a headless body… LOL! Your boy loves you Nicci!

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