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Ugh ... Boil Water

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Our water tower line busted today and our city lost 4 MILLION gallons of water, so now we've got to boil water for our furbabies to drink. We can't even brush our teeth or anything with this water (including washing our dishes in it)

I gave Cala some water today, but wasn't aware of what happened. I hope everything goes okay. I replaced their water with spring water .... would nursery water be good for her I wonder?!?
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Oh man! That is no fun at all. That is a whole lot of water to spill...did it flood the area really bad?

Sorry to hear you are going through that, I don't have any good advice. Just wanted to wish you well. I hope they fix it quickly! (also, I have no idea what 'nursery water' is, LOL)
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AM not sure of it either but Iknow I have bottled water on hand at all times and when I camp I brush my teeth with that. Am sure the cats would like bottled water.
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