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Daily Thread for Saturday

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This morning I went upstairs and cleaned out the cat room. Mckenzie had not caught on that the litterbox is for elimination purposes, so I put some potting soil in the box last night and this morning found the trick had worked. But I mopped the floors and she was very indignant about this intrusion and was meowing the entire time I was up there. I just ignored her though, because yesterday she was handled quite a bit, and wormed and stuff and I am sure she is on sensory overload.

The newest arrival, "Also" is in the barn in a cage and he is spraying everywhere he can get to! lol So much for being neutered. He has part of his ear clipped which tells me he was part of a feral colony that was TNR at one point. But right now he is in Motel Stinks and his leg is healing up quite nicely. Racer keeps looking at him as if he is trying to figure out just what this thing is doing inside of one of the stalls? Also is an unremarkable grey and black tabby.

There is a big storm headed our way from Canada. Supposed to bring high winds and 5 days of rain. Possible thundershowers tonight.

Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of the weekend, and now, it's back to studying for me..........
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I'm having problems on another forum with a stupid member who has been haunting me for a while already....
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Happy Saturday everyone!!

This morning was so beautiful out so I put on shorts for the first time this year and stepped outside. Then I ran back inside and put on pants because it wasn't as warm as it looked.

I took my dog out for a 6 mile run and now that I'm hot I've changed back into shorts. I'm sure I'll change again though.

Have a great evening all!!
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Good day all! I slept late today which was nice. I really didn't have much energy when I got up so I read a book for 2 hours - can you tell the hubby wasn't home. I decided to get motivated and I did laundrey, cleaned the house, went to Costco and then went home again. Picked up som takeout from our fav greasy spoon for dinner. I almost forgot that today was Kentucky Derby day - my choice came in 7th out of 18 - oh well. We rented Ali for tonight, but the Toronto Maple Leafs have a playoff game tonight so we might watch that instead. They better play better then they did in the last game - it was a blowout and the lost 5-0. I hope everyone is doing well!
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I actually get to stay home alone tonight! Yeah! I don't think that any of my friends are going to the club tonight, and I just really wanted some away time from hubby (see the I just have to vent thread...)

Ady - My Avalanche were in the same position as the Maple Leafs. They got their butts handed to them in the game on Wed. Today they beat San Jose 8-2. I hope it goes that well for the Leafs!
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Leafs are in sudden death OT right now! Obviously didn't miss the most important part of the game while we were watching Ali. I didn't like Ali overly much - found it long and disjointed.
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