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I hate storms!!

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It started storming here about 4 pm and I hate it! The tornado sirens went off for about 20 min, and it was windy(all day) and rain, rain......its still lightning tonite but as far as I know we are out of the warnings(I hope) About 3 hrs from us(where my grandparents live), my grandma was at work when it him them, and she was at work, with NO warnings, it was just BAM! They got the tail end of the tornado and it broke out windows and stuff. I guess about 13 miles from where I live, it uprooted a trailor and has done some damage! YIKES! This is one thing I *hate* about Kansas/Spring~is the STORMS!! So hows the weather where your at?? Better than mine I hope.
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We're under a storm and tornado watch here now, guess it's heading towards St. Louis now.
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Yup, its been storming here since about 5PM, its now 9PM and Harley hasn't left the window all night - he's fasinated with the rain!

He was scared @ first, so I went and he got up on my lap and we watched the rain together...he's not scared anymore!

I love rain, I can't wait to go to bed later and hearing it raining... so comforting! As long as no tornados come along!
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It's been raining on and off here. Brad says it's thundering and lightening now. I didn't know that. Poor Luna is freaking out. I feel sorry for her. She hates loud noises. It makes me feel less worried about me and more worried about her.
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Kansas City area here. The first storm blew thru about 3PM and another wave hit us around 7PM. We had hail and a lot of lightning with a tornado just south of us.

You are absolutely right - the spring weather in the midwest is just awful!

Auntie Em! Auntie Em! Where is Toto? We're still in Kansas! LOL
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We had a pretty bad storm in August. They called it a downward burst it came from right off the lake and did a lot of damage. They really strange thing is that before the storm really hit we saw lightning but no thunder... it reminded me of War of the Worlds..... spooky
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I woke up to rain, teufel doesnt like rain or thunder, he headbutted my legs and bum and dug his nails in when i wouldnt wake up. He then thought he deserved a nice big bell rub with a cuddle.

But we are expecting showers today with thunder, its windy.. my satelite is even moving... i dont think tv will be on for today
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