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Argh! A man with no spatial sense....

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My fiance and I are in the process of moving to a larger apartment in the same building. We are having issues with which bedroom to use and where to put the couch and entertainement center, that kind of stuff.
The man has NO sense of space, size, and measurement!! I thought that scientifically MEN are naturally supposed to excell in these areas, and WOMEN are supposed to be not so good?? I eyeballed the bedrooms and told him that one was 11' square and the other was narrower and longer, and the square room would be a better use of space even though it's less square footage. He persisted in arguing that the long, narrow room would be better, until I measured the furniture and physically showed him that it wouldn't work in the narrow room.
Then he thought that the sofa would fit with room to pull out the bed if we put it directly across from the computer desk. It won't.
And, he thought that our living room entertainment center was like 5' wide and 3' deep. It's nowhere near that big.
He is silly!!! And he's diving me NUTS!!! He's nervous about moving, and his lack of spatial sense is making it WORSE!!

I am ready to pull my hair out over moving. I will be glad Saturday evening when it is all OVER.
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How frustrating! Yes, it is interesting that he lacks this eye since it's usually men who are more gifted in this area. I have no spatial sense, either, so your husband and eye would sure put together a ridiculous looking apartment!

Any move is stressful, and this must really be adding to an already challenging situation! Don't you just wish you could blink your eyes and it already be Saturday evening with the two of you settled into your new place!
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Yours lacks spatial sense.

Mine lacks ANY sense!
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I feel your pain, as we will be moving soon, and my wife has a similar lack of spatial sense. Once I walk her around the room with a tape measure and show her why ten pounds of furniture does not fit into a five pound room, she starts to see the light, but she can't seem to allow for possible space conflicts from the beginning. She just assumes that she'll be able to do anything she wants, and I'm being unreasonable if I question her "logic." I do TRY to be fair with her, really I do. You believe me, don't you?
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Originally Posted by Mom of 10 Cats
Yours lacks spatial sense.

Mine lacks ANY sense!

We'll be moving soon too. My husband & I both have good spatial sense, unfortunately our ideas of what constitutes acceptable furnishings are very different. It's such an ordeal to get him on board with buying new furniture from Ikea. It's not like I insist on designer stuff!
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Wow, that is odd, since guys are usually good at that. I am learning, through trial and error, to have spatial sense, but my husband was apparently born with excellent spatial sense. Like, he can look at leftovers in a skillet and pick the plastic container that will fit them in exactly with no room to spare. To me that's like a magic trick. It mystifies me.
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Men!! Jerry has another twin out there!
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