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cat writer looking for owner personality info

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I have written two dog, one cat and one kids' book for HarperCollins. I'm currently at work on another cat book about feeding/eating behavior. I would appreciate if anyone could tell me if they fit into any of the following cat owner categories (You can also make up your own categories if you like! Whatever describes you best.

The Loving Indulger: you can't resist your cat's pleas for food. She's so cute!
The Guilt Feeder: You don't spend enough time with your cat and so you give food to substitute for your time and attention.
The Rushed Feeder: You're so busy, you've forgotten when and if you've fed the cat. You can't take the time to measure properly.
The Unaware Feeder: You find yourself giving your cat your food while distracted by something else. You don't really read the instructions on the bag.
The Epicurian: YOu love food; of course your cat does, too! You can empathize!

I will or will not use names according to the specifications of those who respond to me. Thanks so much for your time and attention. And I could totally plug your favorite cat organization in the front of the book. Paying you for your responses is unethical and called "checkbook journalism," although I wish I could compensate people for their time. I don't make much money on these books, but I love pets, too!
Suzanne Delzio
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I'm not sure where exactly I fit in, it's probably a combination of your list.
I have 6 cats that I set out dry food they can graze on throughout the day ( I don't measure, just dump some in their bowl) and feed can food twice a day, except...(there's always an except! ) when they get to demanding in their off scheduled times.
This happens mainly with my kitty Spyder who will not eat dry food (he won't even smell it) I give him wet food 3 times a day, but sometimes at night he gets so whinny and relentless about having more food, that I finally give in.
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If you click on "edit" at the bottom of your post, you should be able to attach a poll to your post, which would make tallying the results easier.

I'm a little ashamed to say I am probably a rushed feeder. I leave unlimited quantities of dry food out for both my 3 housecats, and my dog. I also leave extra food outside for my barn cats.

The only ones who get daily food attention are my foster cats...usually a pregnant female, or a new litter. My current foster Mom gets free feedings of dry kitten food, with a daily can of cat food to encourage her to eat plenty, and keep her fluids up.
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I'm not sure if I fit one of your categories, Suzanne. I've made it my mission to select the very best quality food for my girls and would sooner go without myself than for them to miss a meal or eat less than the best.

Sierra has special health needs, so she's on her own diet along with supplements and meds, and, Serenity, being a kitten eats the best food to meet or surpass her high energy needs. They are fed scheduled meals each day as well as scheduled treats which are also the best human grade quality I can find.

Hope this is on the right track related to the information you're seeking.
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I didnt see me either ... My animals eat the best I can get them too and that I can get ahold of ... My eldest takes more time to feed than it takes to make my food ....
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I'm also pretty specific about their food...I feed the absolute best natural/"human grade" wet and dry food that I can afford. THey get fed at more of less the same time every day, twice a day. I have an IBD cat who requires meds with his meal and a limited-ingredient wet food only diet. The dry food I leave out is measured so that no one becomes overweight.
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Well... I feed Zissou not according to those either.
She has dry whenever she wants it, all she wants, as she is a kitten and doesn't overeat. She gets wet food twice a day, at noon and then sometime in the evening. She never begs, but she does love the wet! Once I pick up her plate (she eats off the same plates we do) she rubs on me and acts excited.
I guess I'd have to be Epicurean, although if she were overweight, etc, she wouldn't get any more dry. And she gets whats best for her, and not the kitty junk food.

I think a category you could add would be the
Cat Nutritionist: You are obsessed with what sort of amino acids and minerals are in your cats food. You spend hours researching ingredients and brands in order to find whats best for your cats. If you could get a MA in cat nutrition, you would probably test out of everything!
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You missed the group I belong to (and if you decide to use it, I want a byline! LOL)

You left out the "Stupid Servant and Caterer," who opens can after can of wet food, tries flavor after flavor, and wastes and throws out can after can, packet after packet, each and every meal hoping to find something they'll eat other than the only one food they'll eat that isn't all that good for them. And who sits with them, and cajoles them, then puts a drop on their little rotten lips hoping they'll lick it off, actually like it, and then, when they show interest, hand feeds them little bits on his/her fingers, and when they eat it, he/she puts it in their bowls for them to continue, which they do. But it's a short-lived victory as they take one or two licks, then walk away, knowing they'll eventually get the food they like even though it's not good for them once it turns brown and crusty and they sit by it looking forlorn and starving.

Rocky. (Said with emphasis as I look at him with a raised eyebrow.)

Like he cares.

That's kind of cat owner category I fit into. I think the technical word for it is "Pushover."

Sigh. I think maybe one of the main reasons I kept Suddenly Seymour is because not only does he eat everything, he eats the food they won't eat right away so it doesn't go bad, and I'm not wasting it anymore.
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Not sure where I'd fit on that list either. My kitties get fresh baked chicken breast twice a week. Their dry food (Chicken Soup For The Cat's Soul) is measured and given at pretty regular scheduled times.
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I guess I am the loving indulger, at least when it comes to cat treats. They have their normal dry food but I cant resist their sweet little faces when they ask for their favorite treats so I usually give in. I try to give them small portions though since I know they will ask several times a day.
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I don't fit in any category either!! My cats are fed at scheduled times, and not any sooner!! They are all watched to make sure they only eat the right food (I have two overweight cats).
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I don't know what I am... Sometimes when I go to go out in the morning she meows at me to remind me to feed her so do. If I have something that smells nice or makes her curious of what I'm eating she sniffs it, so I take a little bit off for her to taste. If she doesn't want it I eat, if she likes it she eats it then stares at me until I give her more. So I don't know.
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How about "haunted by the look he gives me!!"
My senior Ox (17) will spend much time in the kitchen esp when he hears the sound of a can opener (I switched from electric to manual). It doesn't matter what I am opening-he's there!! Or if I am preparing a meal, chopping on the cutting board his look says "please drop some food, anything please!!!!!"
He isn't a vocal cat except when he smells something tasty.
My favorite is when I settle on the sofa with a good book and a bag of snack food-he jumps to the back of the sofa and taps me with his paw asking for a taste. I of course give in as he does like potato chips, cheetos, popcorn.
And what cat doesn't like ice cream???? A couple of drooling on the sofa saying hurry up so I can lick the bowl!!
He is the only one that gets human treats. The rest are fed a bit of moist food in the morning (stampede!!) and dry food always available. But I have to feed Ox first as the oldest and then the others are feed the mosit food. But he finishes whatever they leave in the dish.
Ox has become more fussy with the dry so he gets is "own" food in his "own" dish!!
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I am not totally sure where i fit in....the category of "can opener and kitty slave comes to mind. They get wet food in the morning and evening and measured quantity of dry during the day (Lucky was getting a little unsvelte!). Rambo knows exactly to the minute what time my alarm should go off and he should be even on weekends he's right there waking me up and pointing out my shortcomings (i.e. trying to sleep in). Rambo will also try and steal any and all food that I am eating. He once broke into a cupboard with Doritos chips, chewed through the bottom of the bag and ate half of it...and me not knowing grabbed the bag and spilled doritos all over the floor..sigh.

i'm definitely their slave....
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Hi Suzanne

I guess I would come under loving feeder - even a 'hungry' look will get me (and my family) running to the kitty food cupboard (yes they have an enormous food and treats cupboard - its like a mini shop!) to get them some fresh food.

We free feed dry, their bowls are always full, and they get wet food when they want it - in fact their wet food bowls are rarely empty (we have 5 cats).

My first cat would be so dependent on us for love that he would sit in front of the food until someone came and stroked him first - our going on holiday for 3 weeks and leaving him with a sitter cured him of that, though he still 'calls' us to be with him when he eats...!
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Originally Posted by sdelzio

The Loving Indulger: you can't resist your cat's pleas for food. She's so cute!
The Guilt Feeder: You don't spend enough time with your cat and so you give food to substitute for your time and attention.
The Rushed Feeder: You're so busy, you've forgotten when and if you've fed the cat. You can't take the time to measure properly.
The Unaware Feeder: You find yourself giving your cat your food while distracted by something else. You don't really read the instructions on the bag.
The Epicurian: YOu love food; of course your cat does, too! You can empathize!
I'm mostly a Loving Indulger I think. I stick with a schedule and appropriate amounts...but her pitiful crying and bugginess has me fold a lot and I'll give her a few bites of a WC food (I consider it a snack). But, this overlaps with The Guilt Feeder - I could ignore her cries and/or get her actively playing, but she does it when I'm too busy or tired to engage I feed her so she'll I'll have a reprieve for awhile.

Not sure how that fits into your criteria.
Please note: I'm not this bad all the time/everyday
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Personally I try to just have a routine going. They get small portions of wet food twice a day. I am weird about how I serve it- I rotate each meal between beef flavor, chicken, turkey and fish. Don't know if they care. I try to feed high quality cat food that is appropriate. Treats are given 3-6 times a week. I give them either a few treats, or they all split a handful of "junk" cat food like whiskas which too them is a treat the way they gobble it up. They also get treats as rewards when they are patient about getting their nails cut (I swear this has helped with compliance) or after getting brushed. I like good food myself, and don't mind sharing a few bits with any kitty that appreciates it. Zakk occasionally will get a frozen shrimp which he will bat around, then eat, or a small bit of whatever kind of meat we are eating. He appreciates it. I enjoy giving them their treats- you can tell it makes them happy.
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I feed high-quality wet food at 3 set times a day, with the ocasional treat (usually bits of raw or freeze-dried meat...she loves shrimp and chicken liver (fed very occasionally, of course), but is confused by the muscle meat of the chicken) thrown in at random. I use the treats for training sometimes.

She's a very quiet cat. She silently stares at me when feeding time rolls around, until I head for the kitchen. ( I feed her atop the cupboard, because she likes the view of the kitchen from up there.) Then she runs along in front of me, meowing squeakily the whole way.

She stares at me when she wants some of my food as well. It never works. If she tries to poach my food I just say "down" and she walks away.
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