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Moving the cats tomorrow - send moving vibes!

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Move day is upon us, and tomorrow is all about moving the critters. I'll catch the ferals in the morning and get them up to the vet - going to do another round of shots while I have them trapped. I was wise - started feeding the ferals fresh liver early in the week so they are all about meeting me at the door in the morning. I should be able to pick them up and drop them into carriers tomorrow morning. Dropping the dogs at the vets also - getting them out of the way for the movers.

Then we get to drive 11 cats over to the new house and we'll spend the night there with them. Back to the old house Saturday morning to meet the movers, have them load up the house. Then back to the vets to pick up the ferals and the dogs and drive out to the new place. Everyone will be locked up in the sun room while the movers unload the trucks.

Sunday is going to be about keeping things relatively calm for the sake of all the critters.

If I don't respond back, I'm busy packing up the last of the house tonight, doing about 10 more loads of laundry, then crashing. The next 2 days will be chaos and I don't know if I'll have internet access at the new place right away.

Just remembered, need to call the neighbor to borrow a few more cages.
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ooooooohhhhhhh GOOD LUCK!!!

sounds like you have everything completely planned! I sure do hope the move goes well for all of you. Let us know how everything is whenever you get the chance!

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Good luck moving the critters!!! I hope they (and you, of course) enjoy the new home.
My fiance and I are in the moddiel of moving right now as well, so you have my deepest sympathies!
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Good luck with the move, Amy! I hope it goes just as smoothly as you have planned!!
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Good luck with everything tomorrow! Sounds like you have everything planned out - lets hope everything goes smoothly!

Good luck vibes coming your way!
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Lots of luck to ya
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YIKES! I hope your move goes better then mom of 10 cats is.
Strong everything go very smoothly vibes for you. Good luck!!!!!
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Best of luck, Amy! Sending good kitty-moving vibes!!!
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Oh good luck Amy, I hope everything goes smoothly for you and the furkids.
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Sending lots of vibes to you and the kitties. Good luck with the move!
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Sending lots of {{{{{Good Luck Moving}}}}} vibes your way.
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Have fun!
Sounds like you've got everything well organized and the cats & dogs will be safely corraled. Hope everything goes well.
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I am sending you the strongest kitty moving vibes on planet earth.
{{{{{{{{ kitty moving vibes }}}}}}}}}
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I don't think you could be any better organized! Lots of luck to you!
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Good luck, GOOD LUCK, GOOD LUCK!!!!!
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Boy, do you have your work cut out for you! Prayers that everything goes well.
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Thanks for the good vibes everyone!!!

This is the last post - hubby is about to pack the computer. Got the ferals caught and they are at the vets - Lucky is not a happy camper. About to take the dogs up there in a few. The rest of the cats are really wigging about now - Eightball is under the dryer and screaming at the top of his lungs. The rest are roaming the house wondering what the heck is up. It's OK babies, a few hours and you'll have a bigger house to play in.

See y'all in a few days!
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I'm back!!!!!! What an exhausting couple of days!! We made 2 trips to the new house with 11 cats - the first with 9 (that's all the carriers and litter boxes we could fit in our cars) and the second with 2. Hubby took 7 the first trip (I had the litter boxes in my car) and they screamed the entire time, in spite of the classical music. Sage screamed most of the ride until I started to sing to him. We went back for our 2 skittish boys (Eightball and Oscar). Oscar bit and scratched me trying to catch him (he knew something was fundamentally wrong) and he's usually pretty easy.

The movers moved us on Saturday and hubby picked up the dogs and the 2 ferals from the vets. Once the movers were gone we started to let some of the cats out of the sunroom (2 by 2) to get them adjusted to the house. Some came leaping out and nothing phased them. Others did the slink walk around the house until they hit the familiar smells of our furniture, cat trees, clothes, us. Oscar is still scared and I haven't found him since this morning - sure he is in deep hiding behind a box somewhere - he'll join me for bed tonight or I'll start to worry.

I finally shut everyone out of the sun room and opened the door to it for the ferals. Lucky is really despondent. I can sit next to him, talk to him and stroke him but it's nothing like ruling the roost on 10 acres. He is my biggest worry right now.

So 11 out of 13 cats and both dogs are acclimating well. We had the ritual 7PM dinner for the cats in the new kitchen tonight - a bit confusing as the layout is a little different. I didn't even try last night cause they were still wigging.

The hot tub is great but some of the cats don't like the sound of the bubbles. We shut them out of the sun room for a much needed soak last night. My entire body is aching but I have a kitchen set up to cook in and a bed to sleep in tonight.

I'll get pictures up as I take them. I do have a great one of about 9 cats in the cat trees on the sun porch.
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Sounds like you survived ok! It's never going to be easy moving with that many cats, at least you were very well organized.
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I'm so happy that all went well for you! Phew! What a job!
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